Travel Tips

So you are travelling the Globe and you want to share it with the rest of the World -how do you do it?. It's not an easy task and it has taken us a good few trips to decide on what to take and how to take it. From GPS trackers to drones, we love it all and as much as it makes a dent in the travel baggage allowance, it has to come with us.

The below blogs are what we take and why. If you have any tips for us, please don't hesitate to contact us at


Gadgets for the travelling geek

I'm a geek. There's no shame in that. How do I survive whilst out and about? click here to see the gadgets for the geek that likes to travel.


Taking Videos Whilst Travelling

The World is full of amazing things. Those things have to captured and shared. But what do we use to film these things? Click here to find out!


Taking Photos Whilst Travelling

You can't go travelling without taking a means to capture the memories. Click here to find out what we take when we go venturing around the World!.

The Drone

Why buy a drone for travelling?

To get stunning unique aerial shots, you either need to hire a helicopter or purchase a drone. We opted for the drone and the footage is absolutely amazing!

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