The Kings Canyon Tour

Our last days in Northern Australia. Once again, we’re up before sunrise to trek around Kings Canyon. Wow. Was it worth it!

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The Uluru Rock Tour

Touchdown in Northern Australia. We get ready to feast our eyes on Uluru, the most famous rock formation in Australia. Also known as Ayers Rock!

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Crocodile Spotting At Lake Placid

Let’s spot some crocs at Lake Placid. Home to the biggest crocodile know to man. Then it’s off to Mossman Gorge for a swim in the cold, refreshing waters!

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Cruising Fraser Island In A 4×4

We go cruising Fraser Island in a 4×4. This beast went everywhere! On a beach, through water and anywhere else you can think of. Fraser Island is beautiful

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Walking Tour of Brisbane

We’re nearly done our tour of Australia. We rock up to Brisbane to see what delights they have for us. A long walk in Brisbane is definitely what’s needed.

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Relaxing at Byron Bay

We visit some amazing beaches, hover above a rainforest, have tea with a knight in shining armour and see more waterfalls than we’d ever seen before!

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