A Boat trip Around Ha Long Bay

We take a boat trip around Ha Long Bay to see some of the 1600 islands! It may be freezing cold but the sights are still amazing. What an experience!

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Stef’s Journey From HELL!

We take a ride into the next town and get packed like sardines into a small van. Ill people and flat tires. It was not a pleasant journey…It was HELL!

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Barry And His Erection

We take a trip to Yang Bay Park. We feed some crocodiles, watch a cock fight and spectate a pig race! It was a crazy day. Plus I held a Horse’s erect penis!

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Mui Ne or not Mui Ne?

We jump on a sleeper coach and head to Mui Ne. Will it be amazing? Surely nothing bad can happen? Can it? I hope the police are not called.

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