Show Me The Way To Amarillo

Eating 72oz steaks, seeing the VW Slug Bug Ranch, experiencing Cadillac Ranch and Zip-lining over Palo Duro Canyon. It has to be Amarillo! Such a great city

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The Ghost Town of Terlingua

It’s our first real ghost town visit so we’re hoping we don’t get possessed. How will it end? Will we need to call the Ghostbusters?

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Meet Me At The Alamo

Still sore from the horse riding, we head to town to visit the Alamo. I thought it was a rental car company, but apparently, there’s a more important Alamo!

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Cowboys and The Old West

We visit downtown Fort Worth, where the cowboys roam free and the cattle wander the street. Then it’s off to see the Cowboys play Football!

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A Day Out In Dallas

We go big in Texas. We visit the JFK shooting sight in Dallas, see some bronze animals roaming the streets and I cuddle a pumpkin. Only in Dallas!

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