As Stef and I are not big party animals, we didn’t do the whole party thing whilst in Mexico. So what other things are there to do in Cancun?

First up there is the famous Cancun sign that we drove to a few days before. We knew it was a bit of a walk…just not how much. To make it a bit more taxing, we decided to do it along the beach in the hot sand. We creamed up and in true Reeve spirit, didn’t take a bottle of water with us. It was only about 33 degrees Celsius and no clouds in the sky…

It was a lovely walk and it was a cooling experience getting splashed by the cool sea as the waves crashed in. We walked past many hotels. Many. The beach seemed like it was never ending. I don’t know if it is off season, but the beach was quite empty. Bodyless sun loungers scattered the shores. It all changed when we got to the Hard Rock Hotel. There were young people everywhere. They must have been the remainders of the “Spring Break” crew who were throwing an American Football around and drinking beer. Clinging on to freedom with dear life before having to return to the exciting education system. By this time, our mouths resembled the very sand it was being carried over;dry and begging for water. It was tough watching them chug the cold ones down.

After a while we could see the finish line. We climbed the stairs from the Blue Flag Beach (which was quite disappointing as the sand was filled with shells) and finally said hello to the Cancun sign again. It had been a gruelling hour and a half walk. Having got to our goal, we realised two things. First, we would have to walk it back and two, we hadn’t put suntan location on the whole walk. So first things first, we found some shade and creamed up. As I did, I noticed one thing. My hotel wrist bracelet had been in the same position the whole time and as my left side had got slightly burnt due to it being the only side that was facing the sun, I now had a very obvious tan line. Stef had the same but not as defined. However, the backs of her legs and her left foot got most of the sun and was extremely red! We never learn! In the end, we ended up walking a round trip of about 15km. Good exercise to burn off the all-inclusive meals we’d been pigging out on!

In the other direction from the hotel, was the hotel zone “city centre”. It houses the bars, clubs and the many souvenir shops which sell the same products. It was only a 20 minute walk which we completed a couple of times. As you’d get to the first set of souvenir shops, to get you in, the workers would shout and whistle to you like you were an attractive lady walking past a building site. According to CNN, the night life here puts Las Vegas to shame. Now I’ve been to Vegas a couple of times and it was amazing. I know it was only daytime, but here didn’t look that impressive but I had never been there at night.

One amazing place that is here though is Hooters. We’ve been to a few of these in the States. For those that don’t know about the place, it’s sort of a sports bar with very nice looking young ladies that wait on you. I go there for the food…obviously. Once inside, our waitress told us about the 3 for 2 on the cocktails. How could we say no to that! As I know Stef is an extremely slow drinker, I would be the one having the extra one – it’s a win win for me! However, no matter where we go, if you were to give me the drinks menu, I would always pick the campest drink without even knowing. Serious. Out comes mine and it did not disappoint. It was brightly coloured and was only missing an umbrella and sparkler! Good job I was wearing my pink vest to match! To line our stomachs, we also ordered a selection of wings, legs and shrimp all coated in their trademark Daytona Beach hot sauce. It’s also our tradition to get the battered pickles. They are so tasty. After knocking it all back and getting my photos taken with the lovely Hooters Girls, we headed on back to the hotel.

There are a lot of restaurants along the Hotel Zone. One of our favourites was and will always be, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Luckily for us, there was one pretty much opposite our hotel! It’s based on the amazing film, Forrest Gump starring Tom Hanks. The inside is themed out with memorabilia and TVs showing the film on repeat with subtitles. As you’re waiting for your food, the wait staff quiz you on the film. It’s great entertainment. We both went for Corona Margaritas to wet the whistle. I went for a cherry one which was a lot nicer than Stef’s plain one. So naturally, she claimed it as her own. You even get to keep the glass. I can only describe our food for the night as a shrimp massacre. Battered. Breaded. Covered in sauce and seasonings. And even accompanied with ribs. We ate quite a few shrimp that night.

Opposite our hotel, there is a massive bay. There are signs everywhere that warn you of crocodiles in there. Stef said that there was probably one spotted there years ago and they thought it would be safe to put the signs up just in case. Makes sense as there are marinas around the bay hiring out small boats and snorkels to use in the bay. We really wanted to see a croc though and every time we’d walk near we’d keep an eye out. There were a LOT of rocks that looked like crocs – they tricked us a few times. As we were walking, Stef stopped and saw what looked like a small croc. Having been tricked before, I picked up a stone and threw it nearby. It swam off into the bay – It was a real croc! It was only a baby but I’m sure mum was nearby. Who in their right mind would snorkel in this bay – you’d have to be mental!

One great place to visit is the Cancun Scenic Tower. The entrance fee is about £4 per person, however, our passes from Xel-Ha gave us free entry. You enter the observation deck at ground level. Once everyone is in and ready to go, the enclosed deck starts rising into the air. It raises to a whooping 80ft giving you perfect views for miles. Once at it’s highest, the deck continues to turn around giving everyone the same views so you don’t have to leave your seat. Stef wasn’t too sure about the whole thing and spent the first couple of minutes hugging the seat and her back towards the windows. As you spin around, a pre-recorded history of Cancun plays in the background which is very informative. The whole thing lasts about 15 minutes and although a little out of the way, it’s well worth the trip.

For all those romantic types, there is always the option of waiting on the beach at ridiculous times of the day catching the sunset and sunrise. We did he sunrise once and it was still hot so laying there on the beach, was so peaceful. It was a it cloudy but we still got to see some great views of the sun bursting through the clouds as it worked its way up. And lucky for us, sunrise could be watched right outside our hotel rooms window.

Last but not least, are the cigars. The closet shop to us was a 20 minute walk away. As we entered La Casa del Habano, we were presented with hundreds of different brands. I don’t smoke, but I’ve always wanted to have a Cuban cigar. If anything, there was too much choice – there were cigars ranging from under £1 to ones over £100! I picked up a Montecristo that was £15. I had no idea if it was good but it looked fat so I assumed it was. Back on the beach later that day, we decided to light up that bad boy. We sat on the beach, beer in one hand, passing the cigar back and forth with the other. I can honestly say I won’t be smoking another cigar. Although I did look pretty bad-ass smoking it, it tasted vile. Each to their own though.