We had one more day of adventure filled activity before we spent the rest of our time in Mexico quietly sunbathing on the beach and making the most of the all-inclusive bar, so we chose to spend it at Wet ‘n’ Wild. We’d been to the one in Florida back in 2000 which was just a water park, but this one had been turned into Ventura Park so we had all the waterslides and a wave pool as well as a Dolphin Show and ziplines.

We decided to get a taxi from our hotel to the park. We could’ve opted for a bus, but we didn’t how long it would take and felt a taxi was the better option. Within about 20 minutes we arrived just as the doors to the park opened. We were given a wristband that entitled us to free food and drink throughout the park. This seemed to be the deal in all the parks and made it so much easier than carrying money around and worrying about how much we were spending.

Ventura Park - Wet n wild, Cancun

Without wanting to waste anytime, we threw our stuff straight in a locker and made our way to the wave pool. I love a wave pool; it’s like being in the sea but without the worry of getting a mouthful of salty water or staggering out of the water squinting because your eyes are feeling the sting of the saltiness. After being hurled around the pool by the aggressive waves, Barry decided it was time to try out a water slide. The slides themselves I don’t generally have a problem with, my issue is always climbing the stairs to get up to it. They’re usually always on an old rickety staircase that has gaps in between the steps allowing you to look straight down to the ground below. Not something I’m really up for seeing! This waterslide was no different and I immediately knew I’d have an issue climbing these stairs. Needless to say Barry persuaded me and I pushed myself to climb to the top. If I walked really quickly, I could ignore how high we were climbing.

Once we got to the top we were met by a guy who directed us to the top of the flume. As the park was so quiet this time of year, they only had one flume running, but usually there were two. We’d carried the blow up ring we’d need to wedge ourselves into to get to the bottom up with us. This was a dual ride so we had to ride together. We jumped in, Barry in front and off we went. Luckily we were allowed to take the GoPro down with us so we captured it all on film. Sometimes we’d fly right up to the edge of the flume and it felt like if we went any higher, we would fly over the edge, fortunately we didn’t!

As it was so quiet, we took advantage of the ‘no queues’ and went up for a second and then a third time.  There was a second, higher chute that Barry wanted to go up to called the kamikaze , but I opted out of this one. I barely made it up to the lower one, so I wasn’t about to climb any higher.

Water slide at Wet n Wild, Cancun

After trying out the chutes and spending more time in the wave pool, Barry decided he wanted to try out the ziplines. There was one that ran the length of the park and although it wasn’t that high, you did have to climb up a ridiculously rickety staircase which I just wasn’t going to attempt. So off Barry trotted all by himself, whilst I lay out on the sun lounger, waiting for him to pass over my head. Within a few minutes he was back. He couldn’t have bottled out could he?? No, apparently there was a whole adventure park where the zipline was and he was convinced there were some things I’d like in there. I wasn’t convinced, but I didn’t want to disappoint him as he seemed so sure that I should have a go at something. As we entered this part of the park, I could see lots of bridges and ziplines all suspended way above the ground. I quickly questioned what part of this he thought I would like? Did he not know me at all?? I may have jumped out of a plane but walking across planks suspended in the air felt like something completely different. Before I could argue, we were at the station, getting equipped with a harness and a helmet. What was I getting myself into?? Next I was being shown how to use a clip system that would clip me to the wire so that if I fell from this suspended bridge I apparently wouldn’t go hurtling to my death! There were two clips and you couldn’t take one off if the other one wasn’t attached. Sounded pretty foolproof enough, but it still didn’t put me at ease. The girl that was explaining this all to me must have seen the fear in my face as she was very reassuring, telling me that if I needed her I could just call her and that she would be up there with us should we need anything. So trying not to think about it too much, up I climbed. Barry went bounding up ahead, never fearful of anything and I nervously trailed behind.

Some parts were better than others, if the ropes were low enough for me to hold onto as I walked, then I didn’t mind so much and if the planks weren’t too spread out then it made it easier. But at one stage there was nothing to hold on to and there was just one long beam to walk across. I had no choice but to hang onto the rope that clipped me on. For some reason this didn’t make me feel safe, if that gave way then I would just fall down with it. Deep down I knew this wouldn’t happen, but there is always that fear in the back of my mind.

All the adrenaline I could cope with was taken up on this one activity so I bailed out of anything else in the adventure park. Being the fearless guy that he is, Barry went on to do numerous more activities including a zipline roller coaster, walking up some very high stumps whilst attached by a rope and even stepping off a very tall platform into thin air. Again he was attached by a rope, but I can’t imagine just stepping off into nothing, hoping the rope will take your weight. Once he’d completed all these, I made my way back to the wave pool so that I could watch overhead as Barry did the final zip line across the park.

After he’d whizzed across the park we went for something to eat before chilling out on the lazy river. I’m not quite sure you could call it lazy as the water was flowing pretty swiftly and ensured you floated round without the aid of a rubber ring or any other floatation device. But it was refreshing to have a semi relaxing dip as it was starting to get seriously hot under the Mexican sun!

My favourite part of the park was Amazonia. Amazonia was a company who looked after animals that had been confiscated from people trying to illegally smuggle them into the country or from people that could no longer look after rare and/or dangerous animal. They had all sorts, from spiders and snakes to owls, scorpions and even a Toucan. I don’t know how people think they are capable of looking after such tropical and rare species. We got talking to the guy there and he told us he’d once been asked to collect a tiger. They even had a crocodile – people are just silly, how did they expect to be able to look after a crocodile!

For $5 you could have you photo taken with some of the animals. I wanted to have a picture with the Toucan, but the guy explained that they’d only just acquired him and he wasn’t ready to be around people yet, so Barry decided he would have his photo taken with a cockatoo. When he said cockatoo I told him I was surprised he didn’t go for the owl, given that he knew how much I didn’t like owls. There’s something about their piercing yellow eyes that make me feel like they are looking deep into your soul, getting ready to pounce and peck your face off. Just after I said this, he quickly changed his mind and told the guy he wanted to hold the owl instead – I shouldn’t have said anything! Out came this big owl and I had to stand there and take pictures of Barry holding it. All the while it was staring at me. The guy explained to us, that a lot of people in South America don’t like owls as they believe they are witches. When I asked why, he unsurprisingly told me it was because of their eyes. So it’s not just me after all!

Holding an owl at Wet n Wild, Cancun

For a few more dollars we could go inside their building and check out some of the animals they had. The guide walked round with us telling us all about them and answered all our questions. It was fascinating and a great thing that the company did to look after them all. They tried to release as many of the animals as they could back into their natural habitat, but some of them just won’t survive if they’ve been out of the wild for too long.

Our last activity of the day was the Dolphin Show which was included in our ticket price. They had 4 dolphins they were showcasing and unlike your usual type dolphin show, this one actually used the dolphins to teach you about their different skills and how their different body parts enabled them to do all their tricks. What amazes me most is how they can stand just on the end of their tails and push themselves across the water. That is some strong tail muscles!

Before it was time for us to get the bus home, we had one more waterslide we could go on. This one was an enclosed chute, which when you got to the bottom it shot you into a big bowl where you span round and round before dropping through a hole in the middle and plunged into the pool. Without thinking I quickly made it up the old steps and jumped into the chute first. We couldn’t take the GoPro with us, so Barry went down a level to film me coming out into the bowl. It all happened so quickly I didn’t have time to think about what I was getting myself in for. I flew down the chute at warp speed, hit the bowl, shot round it so fast I didn’t have time to blink and then plunged straight into the pool, hitting the water butt first.

And with that we were done. We dried off and made our way to the bus stop, where the park had put on a special bus that dropped everyone to the door of their hotel. All that for a price of just $25 (US) per person!