To help us explore Copenhagen, we decided to book tickets for the ‘Hop On Hop Off’ bus tour. We’d used these before in Key West and Iceland and it was a great way to get around all the key sights. In hindsight, we probably didn’t need to pay out for this. We could’ve walked to all the sights, but it did help to warm us up in between.

Before we started the tour, we decided to go for some brunch and found ourselves in a pub called Streckers. We ordered the big breakfast, which came with everything – a fruit smoothie, bread, meat, cheese, fruit, scrambled egg, bacon, French toast, muesli and Skyr, which is an Icelandic natural yogurt. The meal was delicious and was certainly enough to keep us going throughout the day.

The bus only departed hourly, so after our tasty brunch we had about 45 minutes to wait for the bus. To kill some time we went for a wander around the canal. We discovered a sculpture resting on the bottom of the canal bed. Copenhagen is filled with statues, but this is the first one we’d seen submerged under water.

Agnete and the Merman - underwater sculpture in Copenhagen, Denmark

It was freezing as we walked along the canal side. The snow was slowly disappearing where the streets were so busy, but there were patches that had not been touched and were still thick with the white stuff. We found a whole garden outside of a church that was still about a foot deep and just had to run through it.

We walked passed many fascinating and old buildings, many with lots of interesting statues surrounding them, but when my feet were just about frozen, it was time to catch the bus. We decided to go straight to the most famous statue of them all and probably Denmark’s most famous landmark – The Little Mermaid. And little it was. Obviously there were a dozen other tourists trying to snap a shot of the small bronze statue so we had to battle our way through, but we were all very polite and waited patiently for each other to get up close and take the obligatory selfie.

With a while to wait for the next bus to take us further round the city, we went for a walk around. We found some more interesting statues including another take on the Little Mermaid- this time a very busty version!

From here we walked to Kastellet, which is a star shaped fortress homing a church and a windmill. Here the snow was virtually untouched and the lake that ran round it was frozen solid. It made for a stunning sight and it was the perfect opportunity to get the drone out. Barry quickly raced to set it up, it was freezing standing around and my toes were about ready to drop off despite the fact that I was wearing thermal socks! Just as we were ready to send the drone up into the air, Barry realised he’d left a part of the remote for it back at the hotel. Before I could say a word, he was pulling it back apart and throwing the parts into the bag. We’d had a big debate about whether of not to take the drone on this trip given that we were only taking hand luggage with us on the plane, but we’d managed to squeeze it in and now we were going to miss out on the perfect opportunity to justify bringing it. He was mad!

We didn’t hang around much longer after that and went back out to the street to continue our walk. We followed the path round the fort and soon came across a clearing through the trees. We ventured in and were greeted by part of the lake, which had thawed out and had dozens of ducks and swans paddling around in it. There was even a Robin hanging out in the tree that was exceptionally friendly and let us get right up close to it to take a shot. We ventured across the bridge and were met with a spectacular view of the windmill, surrounded by the frozen lake. It was here that I found my favourite Copenhagen bench. The city is covered with the metal and wood benches and at the airport there were signs telling us to look out for them. The town encourages you to hashtag any photo you take with #CopenhagenBench.

The park was beautiful in the snow and had it not have been so cold, we could’ve spent hours there exploring, but my toes couldn’t hack it, so we needed to get back onto the pavement and walk on some warmer ground.

We made our way to the next place the bus would stop. We were unsure what time the bus was due so decided to walk the route and jump on if it came along. Before long we found ourselves at Rosenborg Castle, home to the Crown Jewels. We didn’t venture inside but we took a look round the gardens and wandered around outside. It was obviously a special place, it even had armed guards patrolling it!

As we exited the Castle grounds, we saw the bus pulling into the stop opposite. Perfect timing!

Tower in Copenhagen