It was our last day full day in Copenhagen and Stef had decided to wipe the happy from my face. One of today’s activities was….ICE SKATING!

Now I have never bragged that I was good at ice skating, if anything, I have said I am dreadful at it. I’ve only skated a couple of times. Both of these times ended up with my rear end connecting more times with the ice than my skates did! I don’t mind it though, i work my way around the rink holding on to the railings – it’s my method.

It was supposed to be even colder today, so on went the layers and instead of getting a bus, we walked the 1.5 miles to the ice rink at Frederiksberg Park. We find it’s a much nicer experience walking to a place than getting public transport. There are plenty of fresh sights to see and capture that you couldn’t do sitting behind a window of a speeding bus.

After the 20 minute stroll we made it to the rink. I was not happy. True it was a rink. But it had no railings. NO RAILINGS! There was only one way this was going to end….badly. We paid £10 for the rental of the skates and I prepared myself for disaster. Luckily, it was pretty empty.

Skating Rink at Frederiksberg Have, Copenhagen

With the skates on, we encountered our first problem. Stef still had her Copenhagen guide book in her pocket, so she passed it to me to put in the bag. It slipped out of my hand and onto the ice. Within a split second, it had slid a few metres away. It’s not like I could skate to get it! I tried everything – even extending our GoPro’s selfie stick (The GoPole) but even that was too short. In the meantime, people were skating by it, obviously seeing the trouble we had. Eventually, an old lady, who was zooming around like she she was born on the ice (rubbing it in my face no doubt) stopped and asked if we wanted it back.

After that fiasco, Stef was up and off. She wobbled a bit but was fine. She started doing laps of the rink whilst I watched on. I tried every now and again but I was a lost cause. Without being able to hold on, I was not only scared of falling, but also people laughing at me doing so! My arms and legs were all over the place. Stef couldn’t stop laughing! But at least I didn’t fall over – although there were quite a few near misses!

After a while, Stef had found her skating legs and came to save me. She grabbed my hand and away we went. My arms and legs were all over the place. It was not graceful in the slightest. My ankles kept bending in. The man at the counter had obviously given me faulty skates….and that’s the story I’m sticking to. Stef carried on skating and I gladly handed in my boots and went to the park nearby to fly the drone. After grabbing a bit of footage, I met Stef and we walked around the snow covered park.

The park looked amazing covered in the white stuff. It had a lake in the centre which was frozen over. Stef, after a while of building up the courage, crossed the frozen water on to a small island. Rebel.

On the way back out of the park, we passed the ice rink. It was now full of people, including many kids. The kids were zooming around like they were practising for the upcoming winter Olympics. Oh how they would have laughed at me.

Ice rink at Frederiksberg Have, Copenhagen

We’d burnt off some serious calories ice skating and needed to re-fuel. As we got back to the town centre, we popped into a restaurant called Hereford Beef & Spare Rib Village. We each went for a Smørrebrød. It’s a Danish open sandwich, i.e a sandwich with only the bottom slice of bread. When it came out, we were presented with a plate full of meat & fish with a separate helping of different types of bread. It was delicious.

It was then off to a place called Nyhavn. It is known for it’s coloured houses along the river. If you Google “Copenhagen”, it will no doubt show this place. Back when it was created in 1973, the location was mainly used for trading goods, however, it soon became rife with beer, sailors and prostitutes! As the ladies of the night were no longer around, and it was getting extremely cold, I decided it was time to leave. We then headed back to the hotel to defrost as we were leaving for home the next day.

So we were up at 4:30am as the flights were taking off at 8am and we wanted to get to the airport at 6am. With the hotel next to the train station and the train only taking 15 minutes, it was going to be an easy journey….or so we thought!

The train was on time and we took our seats. The train departed and after a few minutes, the lady on the loudspeaker gave the standard “make sure when you arrive at the airport, make sure you remember your luggage and have your passports ready”. Instantly, Stef gave me a look. I don’t see this look as it’s normally me giving it. She’d only gone and left the passports under the bed back at the hotel! Exactly what I had done in Cambodia – it seems we only learn from our OWN mistakes! We got off at the next station, caught the next train back, and I retrieved the passports!

Ørestad Train Station at night

Good job we had two hours to play with at the airport! It pays to be early!

It was 6:20 and we were back on the train and on our way, Stef made sure she had the plane tickets…..She pulls out the tickets and I get to see that face again! However, this time it was MY fault. It turned out that the plane LANDED in the UK at 8am – which meant it took off at 7am!


The train waited just outside Copenhagen airport for some reason – I’ve never tapped my foot as many times as I did then! By the time it pulled in, we had 15 minutes to board the plane. Neither of us had been in this predicament before. We ran as fast as we could but everything grounded to a halt when we got to security. Obviously, we picked the wrong queue and had to wait behind the cast of the film “Cocoon”. The oldies were asking loads of questions and having a chit-chat with the staff. MOVE ON!!!!!

As we raced to Gate F, it had a painted countdown on the floor. It said it would take 6 minutes. The announcer came on and said we had 2 minutes. Great.

I left Stef behind and sprinted to the gate. Nearly coughing up blood, I got to the gate and told them Mrs Reeve was coming. It was close. Very close.

We took our seats on the plane. Sweating and panting. Whilst cooling down, another couple walked through the plane doors. Let me get this right….I had to wait for take off because some people are not good at time keeping.

The bloody cheek!