It was time for our next adventure, but this one was probably one of the shortest. Looking on the internet, Ryanair were doing flights to Copenhagen, Denmark, for £40 return…for TWO people! A city break to Copenhagen was too hard to turn down! The only issue being that it was flying from Luton Airport. For Stef to get a return ticket to the airport, which was only 40 miles away, was £40 yet her plane ticket to travel 600 was only £20! Instead, we paid £16 for local parking with Airparks and woke up at 4am to make the journey!

After the traditional fry up and Bloody Mary for Stef and the not so traditional American pancake breakfast and lager at Luton Airport, we were on our flight and on our way. The flight was pain free and effortless. Definitely worth the £20 – Well done Ryanair!

As we approached Denmark, it was a clear sky and you could see the ground below. It looked FREEZING! Everywhere was white and even the sea near the land was frozen! The sun was rising as we arrived so it made for a lovely sight.

We were staying at the Hotel Astoria in Copenhagen. As it was only a short break, I tried to find the cheapest (yet still not a hostel) place I could find. I wasn’t expecting much. As we arrived at the Copenhagen Central train station, you could see the hotel from the doors. Again, we booked the rooms via as for every 10 nights you book somewhere, they give you one free night. We also used Quidco as they give you about 10% cashback if you book via their link! (Click here to sign up to Quidco and we BOTH get £5 when you join!)

Hotel Astoria - Copenhagen

We entered the hotel to be greeted with the oldest swing door in Denmark – dating back to 1935!

As we checked in, we were given the keys to the room on the 2nd floor. On trip advisor, someone had marked the hotel down as it did not have key cards for the room! The room was…well….a room. It wasn’t anything special but it was clean and smart. Well worth the money. Why was this place so cheap? As it was still early, we decided to go for a walk around Copenhagen town centre. The staff at the reception told us it was only a 10 minute walk. They told us to make sure we were back by 5pm as that was the start of their wine hour where guests are given FREE wine or port! This hotel was AMAZING!!!!

We wrapped up warm and headed outside. It was probably the coldest I’ve been for a good few years, and that’s including being in Alaska and Iceland! On one of the buildings nearby, it displayed the temperature on the side of it. It was showing -3 Celsius (26 Fahrenheit) but it had a chill factor which made it seem at least -10!

Temperature gauge on the corner of a building, copenhagen

We walked along the high street and just had to sample the local hotdogs. They were absolutely massive and worth the £4.50! That was washed down with Cafe Latte Mocha in one of the many cafes that were scattered around town.

We didn’t want to walk around town too much as we were doing that the next day. But it was hard not to notice the history that Copenhagen possessed with their old buildings and many statues!

We made it back to the hotel in time for the wine hour. The place was quite empty. Stef took a cosy seat by the window and I went to the bar. As I was still wearing my many layers, it was ridiculously hot inside so I decided to take of my coat and put it by the table. BIG MISTAKE. Just as I got to the table, a massive group of youngsters came through the door and filled the bar. You had to serve yourself the alcohol and they were filling their glasses right to the top. One bottle managed to fill only 3 of their glasses. One guy even filled up a wine glass with port…filled it right to the top! By the time I got to the front, all the wine had gone. But the kids being kids, didn’t really touch the port as they didn’t know what it was.

So that was the night where Stef discovered how tasty port really is! We chilled by the window watching the snowy world go by, warming ourselves up for the next day ahead in this mini city break!

Glass of free port at the Hotel Astoria