Not far from the main Amsterdam train station,  in between shops you’d normally find on the average high street, was the Sex Museum Amsterdam. For the price of a coffee, €4 per person, you gained entry into one of Amsterdam’s more interesting museums. Sure, you could view works of art by Van Gough and Banksy a short cycle away, but if you’re looking for something more risque, this was the place to be. For more information, check out their website here.

The place was extremely busy but the flow of perverts, I mean people who appreciate art, was constantly moving. Once in, you could walk around one of the 3 floors the museum had to offer. Each floor had something to look at in every nook and cranny. Everywhere you looked had a penis or pair of tits. It was crazy. From beer mats to watches, from posters to moving statues. EVERYTHING was sex related (which I guess is good for a place called the Sex Museum!). It was brilliant. On the ground floor towards the exit, there was even a room dedicated to the more hardcore BDSM. You had to queue to get into this very small room where the photos on display put the rest of the museum to shame. The Sex Museum experience lasted around an hour, but it was well worth the entrance fee!


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So scroll down if you are feeling adventurous. You have been warned!