With clouds covering the sky every night, our northern lights excursion had already been cancelled on two different occasions by Reykjavik Excursions. They only cancel if there is zero percent chance of seeing the lights but even so, it’s quite annoying. Although Iceland is one of the better places to see the lights, they are not guaranteed. However, if you went on an excursion and never saw them, they would let you book another night at no extra cost.

With the tour cancelled the previous night, our guide Gus had the pleasure in showing us a photo of the lights that his wife had taken that very night! We had booked our 3rd attempt for tomorrow – it was our last night in Iceland then so 3rd time lucky right?

Still on the glacier lagoon tour, Gus said that the everyone should do the northern lights that night. He didn’t guarantee it….but he guaranteed it. It had already been a long day as we had been picked up at 7am. We arrived back at the bus depot at 10pm and Gus arranged for us to swap our nights over. Tickets in hand, we boarded one of the many buses that Reykjavik Excursions lay on for the northern lights.

We began our trip back to the airport where the light pollution is at it’s weakest. It’s about 50 minutes away from Reykjavik and away from any large light sources such as a busy town. In the middle of nowhere and in pitch black, we all exited the coach. It was a waiting game and although it had been raining from about 9pm, the weather had now cleared up and you could see stars in the sky. The conditions were great and we all stood around with our fingers crossed.

All of a sudden, our guide shouted “They’re there!”. Everyone turned around and in the sky, you could see a faint green colour. This was it! It was happening!

Northern Lights in Iceland

In no time at all, the colours brightened and it appeared. It was amazing yet fascinating at the same time. Both Stef and I had never seen anything like it before. The colours got brighter. The lines moved around. Colours changed. It was unbelievable.

I didn’t have a tripod with me so I was resting the camera on my bag that was on the floor – I got the best photos I could, but I know I could have got a lot better. It just means that I have to come back! By the time we got home, it was about 2am. It had been an extremely long day, but boy, was it worth it. The next day, when our Northern Lights tour was supposed to take place, it had been cancelled due to bad weather. So thank you Gus for helping us go – best guide EVER!