Everyone I have spoken to about Iceland has always said that the one thing you just HAVE to do is visit the Blue Lagoon. It’s classed as one of the 25 wonders of the World. It’s a geothermal pool where the water hits temperatures of about 38 degrees Celsius (or 100 degrees Fahrenheit). As the water travels up 2000 metres through the Earth, it picks up Silica, Algae and a range of minerals. The Lagoon houses 6 millions litres of water and all of that naturally replenishes itself every 40 hours.

We opted for the Premium package that provided us with a few bits and bobs extra such as a bathrobe and a table at the LAVA restaurant. You are supplied with wristbands that also have computer chips in. Whenever you wanted to pay for something or have access to your locker, you just touched your wristband on a touch pad – saves you having to carry around cash.

It was freezing outside and the dash from the doors to the pool was a very quick one! Once in, it was lovely and warm.

The Blue Lagoon in Iceland

We wadded around for a while and noticed that there were quite a few people with white faces. We soon discovered that they were silica mudpacks and something we just had to try. We slapped the stuff on and left it for 10 minutes until it went hard. When we washed it off, our faces were as smooth as a babies bum!

But what is better than a thermal pool? That’s right, a thermal pool with a bar in it! At about £5 a pint, we grabbed a cool one and sipped away whilst relaxing in the hot spa.

After getting “old man hands”, we decided it was time for something to eat. So washed and dressed, we headed to the LAVA restaurant. Icelandic people are extremely friendly and I wish that hadn’t been passed on to the many Asian tourists that were also at the Lagoon. There were far too many Asian men walking around the changing room naked. We were all given towels when we entered the complex – USE THEM!!!

champagne at the LAVA restaurant, Blue Lagoon, Iceland

For starters, Stef had a langoustine soup. I was saving myself for the dessert. Unlike Stef, I have a sweet tooth and like her Dad, HAVE to have dessert!

langoustine soup at the LAVA restaurant, Blue Lagoon, Iceland

For mains, we both had the grilled rib of beef. The meat just fell apart and like every other serving we’ve had in Iceland – it was massive.

grilled rib of beef at the LAVA restaurant, Blue Lagoon, Iceland

For dessert, I had the crème brûlée. I wasn’t disappointed and again…it was massive.

We waddled to the bus stop and we’d just missed the Reykjavik Excursion transfer bus. Not to worry though as they ran quite regular…I checked the website and realised that we had to wait about an hour for the next one. We could have waited in the spa but we’d already left the complex. D’oh.

At least the waiting room for the bus had free WIFI!