It was time for another holiday and this time I was in charge of planning it. It was going to be for Stef’s birthday so it had to be somewhere wonderful. I remember her once saying that she wanted to see the White Cliffs of Dover in England, so this is where we were going…well, that’s what I told her.

She thought we were spending a few nights in a log cabin in a forest in Dover and then the remainder of the week camping. It’s England. It would have been freezing and I would definitely not have enjoyed it. But she was still happy with it. It was funny when people asked where we were going for our next trip. With stamps in our passport from America, Australia, Cambodia, Switzerland and more, people were always quite shocked when we replied “Dover”. I did feel bad lying to everyone but it was for a good reason. Stef’s Cousin-in-law even asked for the web page for the cabin as I’d described it so well.

Stef has always wanted to go to Iceland, but she knows I hate going anywhere that is cold – especially for a holiday. So it was the perfect bluff. We even went so far as to look at camping equipment and borrowing a tent off my aunt!

We were due to leave on the Monday 28th September and I needed a way to get her to the airport. On the morning of the Saturday before, with the help of a few mates from work, I sent Stef, whilst I was still in bed, on a treasure hunt around our home using clues that were hidden in various places. The last clue revealing that we were going Switzerland for a week of skiing. She came bursting in the room ecstatic.

treasure hunt

So with all the winter clothes packed, we left for the airport. Stef was still unaware of the main surprise.

As we got to the airport, I told Stef that I had forgotten to give her my Dad’s birthday card and she had to open it. However, he wanted it filmed. It felt quite fat so maybe it had loads of money in it? But the real reason was because I had placed an Icelandic sim card in there so Stef could still Instagram whilst out and about in Iceland. On the sim card wrapper I had written, “Only to be used in Iceland.”

She opened it up and I’ve never seen her so surprised. God I’m an amazing husband!

So after we had a fry up which is what I can only describe as the tradition for ANYONE going to an airport, we boarded our plane. We were flying with Wow Airlines. It was sort of an Easyjet style, no frills plane. The flight was only 2 hours and 50 minutes. Everything went smoothly.

I had booked an excursion for every day. The great people at Reykjavik Excursions had helped us out. They are the largest tour operators of Iceland and the number of tours they run is amazing. The trips were really cheap and all of their coaches have WIFI! They also have transfers from the airport and within an hour we were pulling up outside our basecamp for the week – The AdaM Hotel.



It had a small little coffee shop at the front and a small building out the back where the rooms were housed. After checking in and putting our bags down, we headed off to grab a pre-meal snack. There was a shop next door, which was handy.

We just love eating weird and wonderful food. Tarantulas in Cambodia, giant water beetles in Thailand and even doughnuts the size of your head in America. We will try ANYTHING! Looking around the shop we found our first Icelandic delight.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you…Fermented SHARK! It smelt vile but tasted surprisingly nice. The aftertaste was a bit mean though!

After trying out the delicacy, we headed next door to a restaurant called KOL. The staff were really friendly and took our coats when they greeted us. We sat down and were handed drinks and dinner menus. Stef went with a cocktail called “donkey” which consisted of vodka, grapefruit, ginger, lime and mint. I went with a lemonade. Hardcore.

Cocktails at KOL restaurant Reykjavik Iceland


Because there were far too many different meals we wanted to try, we went for the 6-course set. I was a bit dubious as I was hungry and wasn’t sure if it was going to fill me up. Well I was wrong. Each course was tastier than the previous and the servings were extremely filling. We just about made our way through them all. For the dessert, the chef even came out of the kitchen to greet us and to pour the extremely tasty salty caramel chocolate sauce over our doughnuts. It was a good job the hotel was only next-door as we were in no mood for walking after!