If I was only allowed to take one item with me on my travels (God forbid!), it would have to be my trusty Canon 7D DSLR camera. It shoots photos at 18mp (5184 x 3456) and the quality is amazing. It’s my second one as on Friday the 13th when we were in Thailand, we got caught in a major storm whilst out riding bikes in the middle of nowhere. My rucksack filled up with water and the 7D had a little swim. Needless to say, it stopped working after that. Luckily, it was insured and after the insurance tried to get out of paying us, we bought a new one. Our insurance company HATED us!

Travelling with a Canon 7D

Click here to see some of our photos on our Flickr account or see below for a very small selection of the photos I have taken with it. I wouldn’t exactly call myself a professional, but holding one of these in your hands snapping away certainly makes you feel like one! It has every possible setting you can possibly want on a camera. This isn’t just your standard point and click. The camera also films 1080p video. This is a bonus as although the GoPro films amazing footage – it doesn’t have a zoom.

At the moment, I’m using a Sigma 18-250mm Macro lens with the 7D. It may look like a normal lens, however, it is a also a telephoto lens which has an amazing zoom on it at 13x! It can also capture subjects just a few inches away to snap tiny creatures! It’s the whole package and it saves having to lug around two lenses. It also has built in stabilisation for those mornings when I’ve drunk way too much coffee after getting up at silly o’clock trying to catch those amazing sunrises! It also comes with a lens hood which when attached can help block out the glare from the sun.

Travelling with a Sigma 18-250 Macro Lens

One filter that everyone should carry with them is a HOYA HD polariser. It takes away reflections and adds an amazing colour to the photos. The blues of the sky really pounce out at you. I have no idea how it works – I think it’s magic. Click here to see the difference of with and without the filter.

To take photos in the rain, you need to get a rain sleeve. They are only a few pounds but it’s like a little rain mac for your camera and protects it from the elements. It came in handy when we were on a boat in Niagara getting soaked by the powerful Horseshoe falls.

Waterproof protection for a Canon 7D

To get a good photo, you need a steady hand. To assist in this, I have two gadgets. The first one is small and can attach to most objects – its the Joby SLR-ZOOM Gorillapod. It has bendy rubbered feet and is great for wrapping around a fence or branch. New to us are the Manfrotto Walking Sticks. We discovered that hiking sticks make walking a HELL of a lot easier. But these sticks come with a little extra. At the top of the handle is a little cap. Pop it off and you have thread to attach your camera! Genius! Naturally, I have bought an attachment for the GoPro!