I had originally bought a Sony HDR-GW55VE. It was a great, small little camera that filmed full HD BUT it was only waterproof to depths of no more than 5m (which was useless for my scuba diving needs). But in Vietnam, a couple of lads rode their moped on the pavement and snatched Stef’s bumbag, which luckily, only contained the camcorder. However, it was a blessing in disguise (sorry Stef) – It was insured. Out of the insurance money, I purchased our very first GoPro – The GoPro 3+ Black.

I have never looked back. It is so versatile – it has been on car roofs, at the Great Barrier Reef, a few sunken shipsjumped off waterfalls with us and even been on the odd roller-coaster or two. But it has one major issue….you can get a million attachments for it! I think I have an addiction with all the different ones I have! I think the craziest one you can purchase is the DOG HARNESS! We don’t have a dog, and it is very tempting to get one just so I can buy and use the harness!

Travelling with a GoPro

But then they went and released a GoPro 4 Black – So like an addict, it had to be bought! Could I justify it…of course! We did go for a while lugging around two to the places we visited. Reason for two? His and Hers….Obviously. But seriously, more cameras = more footage = better choice for making the final holiday videos. Both of them have the LCD screens and selfie stick for those all important “Look where we are” photos! Of course, you need an extra battery and a few different cases depending on what you will be doing. Eventually, I had to sell the Gopro 3 as it was becoming too heavy to carry it when the room in the luggage could have been taken up by other gadgets!

The best thing about the GoPro 4 Black is the video quality. It can record at 4k resolution at 30fps. Thats pretty smooth for 2 times the quality of full HD. I normally record on 1080p at 60fps. That way, you still get amazing quality, however, you can slow the footage down to 2 times the speed without it being jerky – great for the slow motion shots! If you want even better slow motion, you can film at 1080 120fps. However, because of the amount of frames per second, it doesn’t let as much light into the lens and you don’t get the quality you really need for normal use. The only real downside to the GoPro is that it has no zoom. It is an action cam so I can’t really complain. The only workaround to that is by filming in 4k and then produce a 1080p video. It then allows you to crop the video as you have more pixels to play with.

Just like my DSLR, there are many different filters for the GoPro. We have the Polar Pro Polarizer which blocks glare and enhances the colours in your shot/films. This can be seen in the picture below. It simply clips on to the case.

One filter I use when I go scuba diving is the Polar Pro Switchblade. The deeper you go when you dive, the harder it is for the sun to get through the water. As a result, the first colour to go is red. This red filter adds the colour back into the picture. It can be done after if you use a video editing program, however, it wont be as good. Below are two images from when I went diving in Cancun. One is with, the other, without. It’s easy to guess what is what. The attachment also has a built in macro lens for those extra close up shots. It has a very precise focus depth and hard to judge using the GoPro. I’ve never really used it as it has returned too many out of focus shots. But if you go scuba, you do really need to get a red filter as it makes the World of difference.

One great accessory we have for the GoPro is the Feiyu G4 Gimbal. It’s basically a selfie stick but it has 3 motors which hold the GoPro. These motors keep the GoPro steady and level. Even when you are running with it in your hands, the video remains smooth and not shaking all over the place like a scene from the “Blair Witch Project”. If you have a GoPro – YOU NEED THIS GIMBAL!!!!!!

Feiyu Tech G4 for the GoPro

And of course, who could forget our newest gadget – The Drone! Click here to be sent to our page about our Xiro Xplor drone. It’s amazing and can get shots most people cant!

Xiro Xplorer V Drone