It’s all well and good wanting to take photos of a trip….but what about the geek that wants more?


Well, I am that geek.


It seems like every time we go away, the number of electrical items increases. Is it just me or is everyone else being taken over by the gadget warlords? I’ve been asked many times “What do you take with you?” and “How did you take such amazing photos?”. So much so, I thought I would write a little blog about it. So here are the travel Essentials for a Geek!


Everybody these days has a phone. These are more of a necessity than an accessory. I’m rocking the powerful Samsung Note 4 and the missus, a Samsung S4 Mini. I’ve just purchased a LG Urbane to track our steps on our travels. Sure, there are cheaper pedometers out there, but that really doesn’t feed the need for tech as much as this amazing smart watch. We are both on the Three phone network where they currently have a “Feel At Home” service. It lets you use your phone, at no extra cost, in 18 other countries!

phones to take when travelling

To post a blog either means visiting an Internet Cafe or taking your own laptop around. For this, we use an Apple Macbook Air 13 inch. I hate Apple, as you can probably see by the Android love above. But the Macbook Air is slim and light. A huge bonus is that it also runs Windows. Apart from the blog, we also use it for Skyping family and friends and editing the photos. It’s a bit slow to process the videos, but it is possible.

travelling with a macbook air

And last of all, the odds and sods. Spare batteries, lens cleaner, chargers and a pack of playing cards. For backing up all the photos and videos we take, USB sticks and a 2.5″ portable Harddrive. For the upcoming Switzerland trip, I’m only taking a 2x 32GB USB sticks and a 60GB SSD. However, when we travelled for a year, we bought the USB sticks as we went along and sent them home when they were full. We took 250GB worth of photos and videos whilst away. I now have a HUGE collection of sticks at home! We also use Box to back up the photos to the cloud. One gadget that we are trialling whilst in the Alps is the i-gotU Travel Logger. It’s a small waterproof GPS device that tracks your hike and plots it on Google Earth. It can also add geo-tags to your photos automatically so you can see where the photos were taken.

Here is an example of what the i-gotU can do in regards to tracking your location:


Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lot of equipment to take. But we don’t carry every bit around with us on a day out. I do actually think all the above items are necessary. If it was up to me, I’d probably take more┬ábut I don’t think my legs could take the weight of it all!


What do you take on your travels? Do you have a different view on what the travel essentials for a geek should be?