I woke the next morning with a banging head, which ensured I didn’t leave our room until I had no choice. We had show tickets for the evening, so by 6pm I dragged myself out of bed and got ready. We were off to see Criss Angel at the Luxor. He’s a magician/illusionist and having seen his TV show back home, we were very excited to see him perform his tricks. However, like ‘O’ we didn’t leave feeling wowed. There were some impressive illusions and I was left thinking ‘How the Hell did he do that?’ after a couple of them but they all happened so quickly it was over before any of the suspense set in.

Chris Angel Believe in Las Vegas

For our final day in Vegas, we walked the entire strip. TWICE. Once in the morning and once at night to check out all the hotels and get some shots. It took just over an hour to walk the whole length, so that was a whole lot of walking! At the opposite end of the strip to where we were staying was Wynn. Inside was amazing, with mosaic floor and floral displays, including a carousel and a hot hair balloon all of which were made out of flowers. Outside were two giant waterfalls.


the venetian - Las Vegas - Nevada

After our daylight walk of the strip, we headed into downtown Vegas where we treated ourselves to a buffet lunch in the Fremont Casino. For just $8.99 each we were treated to a whole host of goodies. Once you get off the main strip, everything is so much cheaper. We’d paid $29.99 each for the buffet in our hotel! On our way back to the strip, we stopped by the Zombie Apocalypse store. It really is a shop where you can buy everything you need should there be a zombie invasion. All kinds of knives, ammo, food packages, camping gear and all sorts of books on survival. So now you know where to go!

When we walked the strip again at night, we had two highlights that we wanted to see. The Bellagio Fountains and the Mirage Volcano. Although we’d stayed at the Mirage when we came last time, we never actually got to see the volcano erupt, so this time it was a must do. And wow, was it impressive. It could actually have been a real volcano, what with the fire, the heat and the noise. The fountains were a bit of an anti-climax after the volcano but they still looked great.

New York New York at night - Las Vegas - Nevada

Volcano at The Mirage at night - Las Vegas - Nevada

So in summary, Las Vegas was just as good as we remembered it. Everything in Vegas is larger than life and everything is 24 hours. It’s the only place where anything goes and you’re actually encouraged to drink, gamble, smoke and hire a call girl!

What more could you ask for??

adult calling cards - Las Vegas - Nevada