So the day had finally come to cross over into our 50th state, which would see us complete our challenge of visiting all 50 states in 6 months. We couldn’t believe the day had actually arrived. And with completing the challenge, it also meant that we had just one week left of our epic year off before heading back to the UK. Really? Already?

Nevada State Welcome sign 50 states 6 months
So as we rolled into Nevada, we took a picture of our last state sign. And where in Nevada were we heading? Las Vegas of course!

MGM Lion - Las Vegas - Nevada

The last time we were here was for our wedding 4½ years ago so we knew what to expect from this place. We’d chosen our hotel – the MGM Grand and booked ourselves into the Tower Spa Suite. As we’d been booking all our hotels through we were able to get a free night in a hotel for every 10 nights we’d booked through them and obviously we’d been booking A LOT! They average the cost of the 10 nights and that’s the value that you can use. As a result we got the luxurious suite for about a third of the price! Sweet!!

We had decided to stay in Vegas for five nights, so we took the next four days very easy. On the first day we gorged ourselves on the Grand Buffet in our hotel, which always results in Barry squeezing in as many of the desserts as possible.

For the second day we only left our beautiful room to grab some lunch and then it was off out in the evening to see ‘O’ by Cirque Du Soleil at the Bellagio. ‘O’ is Cirque De Soleil’s aquatic performance. We’d really been looking forward to it as it came highly recommended. Some of the moves were pretty impressive, with high dives from trapezes and such, but we weren’t wowed by it. The kids in the Phare Circus in Siem Reap had been just as, if not, more amazing.

For our third day we took a little drive out to the Hoover Dam. Shortly after we’d arrived in Vegas, we’d see on the weather news that there was an Arctic breeze headed across America and as a result Nevada had been hit with temperatures reaching freezing. And you could feel it. Although the sun was still shining, it was a bit nippy so again the hoodies came out as if preparing us for the weather back home.

Hoover Dam - Nevada

We’d visited the Hoover Dam last time we were here, so we thought we’d have a go at re-creating some of the photos we took.

The dam itself crosses over two states, Arizona and Nevada, which are both in different time zones. They even have clocks on the pillars to show you.

After we’d spent some time walking round the dam, we found our way back to the car and got ready for our date night. We were treating ourselves to a slap up meal and drinks in as many different hotels as we could manage. For our meal we stayed in our hotel opting to eat at the Grand Wok and Sushi Bar. They had an extensive Sake menu, but having tried Sake before at home we weren’t keen. But we’d had it warm before so we thought maybe if we had it cold it would be nicer.  We ordered a bottle, which the waitress told us was their best seller. When it arrived we poured it into the tiny little cups and knocked it back. It was a lot nicer than what we’d had before but after a few glasses it just started to taste like paint stripper again. Never-the-less, we managed to polish off the whole bottle (it was only tiny!). We followed it by some delicious sushi and some fortune cookies, which had a rather fitting fortune for Barry.

With our stomachs lined, we ventured outside – feeling a little tipsy from the Sake – and went into New York, New York where we found a little sports bar. I ordered a Cosmopolitan and Barry went for a beer. He wasn’t too happy with my choice of alcoholic beverage as he said that I would get drunk too quickly and we wouldn’t be able to get to all the hotels. As if that was going to happen anyway. There were loads of hotels and I have about a 4-drink maximum!

Needless to say, he was right and after just two more bars in Aria and Monte Carlo, along with two very strong JD based cocktails and a touch of gambling (I did win 50 cents!) I staggered and Barry walked back to our hotel room.

out drinking - Las Vegas - Nevada