After clearing up the aftermath in the freezing cold temperature, gale force winds and the misty rain, we headed down the road. I was relieved to get away from the disaster zone. The scenery was nice but the experience not so. Stef loved every minute of it though!

Big Bend National Park, Texas

Just down the road was Terlingua, a small little GHOST TOWN!

As we pulled in, it did look very eerie. There were small little buildings that looked like they hadn’t been lived in for years. There was even a welcome sign, which called itself a ghost town. The town used to be a mining village back in the late 1800’s but when the mine flooded and mineral prices fell, all the miners deserted the town. Slowly people have come back to Terlingua and as of 2010, 58 people were registered as living there.

It wasn’t what I expected. I thought it would be full of old buildings that were empty and falling down – somewhere that looked like there would be ghosts there. This wasn’t the case. Maybe back in the day, but you could tell that people were living there now. There were a lot of permanent caravans. People had obviously moved there because it was out of the way and peaceful. It sorta ruined the experience.

You could still see a lot of the old buildings, like the Starlight Theatre where they now serve brunch on Sundays and hold yoga classes. A yoga class in a ghost town? Yeah. Exactly. There were some old rusty cars which had seen better days and they’d even turned some of the old buildings into rustic guesthouses for anyone interested in stopping for the night.

starlight Theatre, ghost town, Terlingua, Texas

As we didn’t have much sleep the previous night, we stopped at the towns very own “Starbucks” – The Boathouse Bar!

The Boathouse Bar coffee shop - ghost town - Terlingua - Texas

It was in the middle of nowhere in a ghost town, yet they still had Wi-Fi. I just can’t go anywhere without checking the net – Stef always moans but she’s always too happy to join in by jumping on her phone! After we finished our joes, we headed out. On the way was a random sculpture of a fly made out of junk. Obviously. Opposite was the town’s cemetery. Every November on the 3rd they have a party at the cemetery. Today was the 5th. We always manage to miss everything!

This evening we were spending the night at a place called Davis Mountains Inn, in a small town called Fort Davis. We put the address in the sat nav and off we went. We passed some amazing sights along the way. There were roads that went on and on, mountains as far as the eye could see and even trees having baths in freshly made lakes. As we got to the location where the sat nav said the Inn was, it was obvious that it wasn’t right. We were in the middle of a field with nothing in sight. All I wanted was to have a comfortable lay down!!!!

We drove for a little bit and found a National Parks office. I popped in asked them. They informed me that we had gone past it already…30 miles ago! Arrgghhh.

We did some one of the most interesting road kills we had seen – the Javelina. It was a breed a pig. It was massive!

large dead Javelina - Fort Davis - Texas

So again, we drove the same way we had come and eventually got to the town. It was only one road but a long one. After driving to what I felt was the end of the town, I turned around and found the local post office. Surely they would know where it was. They did. It was just after where we had just turned around! Double argghh.

The Inn was like nothing we had stayed in on this trip. We parked up and opened the door. The front door wasn’t locked and no one was around. If that was in London, the TV would have been gone within minutes! There was no one there to greet us but our keys were on the side along with a polite little note, which explained all.

Davis Mountains Inn, Fort Davis, Texas

This place was a house made into an inn. It was absolutely fantastic. It was such a change from staying in the motels and a hell of a lot better than sleeping in the car. It was so clean, tidy and welcoming. There were two rooms upstairs and a massive living room with a piano in it. Whilst Stef was writing a blog, I had a nose around. We were staying in one of the rooms upstairs. Both were identical with BIG four-poster beds in.

As I walked into the kitchen, which had every utensil and appliance you could possibly think of, I found a glass jar containing freshly made chocolate and walnut cookies. I must admit, I did take more than my fair share. It’s not my fault. They shouldn’t have made them so tasty!

kitchen at Davis Mountains Inn - Fort Davis - Texas

There was a big dining room. But it looked too nice. I knew if Stef and I ate in there, she would have dropped some food on the floor and ruined the carpet!

dining room at Davis Mountains Inn - Fort Davis - Texas

As we were the only ones in the house, I decided to venture a bit more. I opened up one of the ground floor bedroom doors to find a suite with a few bedrooms. It was ginormous. I think it even had it’s own kitchen. Next to a set of rooms was another door that led you upstairs to another room.  As I came out, the owner of the Inn was there. Busted. She was extremely nice and we chatted for ages. She showed me the master bedroom. How many bedrooms does this place have?!

If I had known what it was like I definitely would have booked the master room. It had a massive bathroom with a sunken Jacuzzi bath. Everything looked brand new in the inn but they’d had the house for 6 years.

As we were chatting, more guests arrived. But lucky for Stef and I, they were staying in the suite that meant we had the whole house to ourselves. It was nice to write a blog and sort the photos chilling in a comfy sofa whilst watching TV. Stef tried to play the piano. She was good but it did my head in – I was trying to concentrate!

It was still a miserable day though. The visibility was still poor and it stopped us going on any hikes. We didn’t mind though, as we soaked in the relaxing nature of the Inn.

Before I went to bed, I did have another cookie. Don’t judge me. They only would have got thrown out in the morning!

This Inn was absolutely fantastic and would definitely recommend staying there if you are in the area.