After spending two weeks in Texas it was time to mosey on to our next state. It’s getting way too close to hitting our 50th State. New Mexico was our next and it is our 48th. The only thing I really know about New Mexico is that it is known for it’s UFOs so our first stop just had to be Roswell.

New Mexico State welcome sign - 50 states in 6 months

Back in 1947, Roswell WAS the landing zone of a UFO. FACT! For all those non-believers out there – you are wrong. Simple as.

budget inn - Roswell - New Mexico

There wasn’t much to do in Roswell as soon as we landed. Stef isn’t much of a believer in UFOs so it was time to try and educate her. Our first stop was the International UFO Museum and Research Center.

As soon as we paid and walked in, we were greeted with the timeline of the whole Roswell incident. It included pictures, statements, videos and drawings.  It put across a very good picture as to what happened. But to simplify it – a wreckage of a flying saucer AND multiple beings were found in the desert by a poor farmer (who didn’t have 2 quarters to rub together). He made a report to the police as to what he had found and seen. This report filtered up to the government. Within days, the army surrounded the place and it was stated that the object was in fact a weather balloon. The farmer withdrew his statement and was then seen to be driving around in a new car (supposedly paid off by someone.)

But there were reports from all sorts of people including soldiers and doctors. One soldier saw alien bodies and a doctor took a plaster cast of strange looking teeth.

The bodies of the aliens and wreckage were then taken to Area 51 in Nevada.

crashed UFO - UFO museum - Roswell - New Mexico

There was a LOT more evidence but I’m not going to go into detail here. The Internet is calling you. The truth is out there!

There was a huge section on photos that ordinary members of the public had taken. Now they could have easily said they were all real, however, as they are a research centre, the ones they could call out as fake, they did, along with how it was done.

Now I’m a strong believer in UFOs. You can’t honestly say that we are the only ones in this whole Universe. But the next section, even I don’t believe. It was the section on people being abducted. Now if a UFO has created the technology to fly them across the galaxy, the first thing they do to a human is to shove a probe up their butt? I’m not buying that. Sorry. And why is it always the crazies that say they have abducted? I once saw a program where a man said he gets abducted on a regular basis and has a child with one of the aliens. His Earth wife didn’t mind. Seriously?

The centre had a big display in the middle of the hall with some real aliens standing around their spaceship. I know they were real as I kept seeing their heads moving.

They also had props from the 1994 film, Roswell. I haven’t seen the film, but the little alien dude looked pretty real.

After about an hour, we left the centre and started to walk the town. You couldn’t look anywhere without seeing something about aliens. Every other window had something bizarre in it. One had three aliens playing poker. There was even a Mexican restaurant with a Mexican bullfighter, baker and a member from the Mariachi band painted on the side!

The hedges were shaped like UFOs, there were UFOs crashing into buildings and even the streetlights were made to look like aliens!

A little further down the road, we came across a McDonalds. The whole thing looked like a flying saucer! Genius. Here is where my will power came under pressure. We have been in the States since May and in July we had a really dodgy McDonald’s burger. We boycotted it there and then and so far it hasn’t been a problem (however, their any drink any size for 99c (about 60p) deal nearly tempted us on a hot sunny day). Right out the front of the store was a big sign. The McRib was back! The McRib! God I love that. It hasn’t been in a McD’s near me for years. I’m sure I once ate my own body weight in the best sandwich ever! After I took the photo, Stef had to bundle me back in the car. It was tough but we managed to drive out of there without even smelling a McRib.

UFO McDonalds - Roswell - New Mexico

As we pulled out, there was an Arby’s restaurant. Even they are accepting to Aliens. How nice of them.

We turned into the tourist centre for our last stop. Right outside was a fully working, R2D2 letterbox!

R2D2 Letter box - Roswell - New Mexico

That night we stopped at a Whataburger restaurant. It was our first time in the chain. We ordered our food, were given a number and sat down. Although it was a fast food establishment, within a few minutes, the “waiter” brought us our food. I had the Monterey Melt and Stef had chicken strips. The waiter even brought over a tray of sauces in case we wanted any. A much classer place than McDonalds and the burgers were a 1000% tastier!

Whataburger burger - Roswell - New Mexico

As we were getting back into the car, Stef noticed a small spider on the door. It was one crazy looking spider! It had massively long legs at the front and had spun some blue web thing. I thought it must have been a form of alien. It just had to be. Just look at it!

This just goes to show that everything in Roswell does its part to be alien related.

Well done Roswell. Well done.

weird spider - Roswell - New Mexico