So after seeing a few more amazing last sights of the Canyon, we thought we’d head back to the 7th State, Utah. Why I hear you ask? It was to visit Zion National Park. It’s at the very bottom of the state so it was only a small detour. But what a great detour it was. It only took us a few hours to get there.

As we entered the park, we were gobsmacked. There were huge colourful mountains either side of the road. If it were a straight road, it would have taken about 5 minutes to drive. But this road wound around and down the mountains at every opportunity it could. It took us about 30 minutes to get to our hotel.

Zion National Park, Utah

When we arrived at the Bumbleberry Inn, in a small town called Springdale just outside the park, we were very impressed. Right behind the hotel was a massive rock formation. It got even better though. When we headed to the room, the balcony looked out onto it!

The fresh weather continued and the next day, although it was sunny, it was still cold. Apparently there was an Artic breeze sweeping across America. So, with our woolly hats and jumpers on, we headed back into Zion National Park to complete the scenic driving loop.

The day before, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, but today, it was overcast. It was a shame as the photos would have been so much better in the sun. Oh well.

Although it was a driving loop, along the way there were different treks you could do. It really was worth having a walk as you got better views of the canyons, so we parked up and off we went.

Zion National Park, Springdale, Utah

We decided to walk to one of the lower falls. It was a paved path so I decided not to wear my hiking boots. Instead, I wore my flimsy puma trainers. Stef chose to be a copycat and do the same!

Due to the seasons changing, the trees along the route were every shade of green, orange, yellow and red.

Autumn leaves in Zion National Park, Springdale, Utah

As we got to the lower pool, there was a waterfall that went right over the path!  It was a high fall but it wasn’t a gusher like the falls in Niagara. As it wasn’t that impressive I decided to walk on to the middle and upper pools.

We’d already walked for a while and now the path had turned to dirt. If only we had some sort of hiking boots…it became a little uncomfortable on the feet – enough for Stef to have a moan at me! I’m not her footwear consultant!

The middle pool was a bit more impressive. It had a great mirror finish. I do love a good-mirrored reflection.

Middle Pool at Zion National Park, Springdale, Utah

But onwards and upwards to the upper pool. We climbed over rocks and through bushes and we eventually made it to the last point. It was quite a big pool but nowhere near as shiny as the middle one.

On the way down, we saw some bucks feeding around the path. Stef and I are always amazed when we see something like this. As we stood there taking photos thinking, ‘wow how beautiful’, the Americans were walking past saying ‘I wish I had my shotgun!’ What a completely different way of thinking.

A Buck at Zion National Park, Springdale, Utah

We stopped off at a few more spots and took more photos. It was great place for landscape shots.

When we returned to the hotel, we decided to feast upon a local cuisine. The Bumbleberry Pie. We were both fascinated as neither of us had heard of the berry. As we went into the Springdale Candy Company which was very conveniently next to our hotel, we asked the lady behind the counter. She told us that a bumbleberry is a burple and binkel berry that grows on a giggle bush. I asked if she was serious and she looked at me with a stern face. What were these people smoking?

Bumbleberry pie, Springdale, Utah

We took a couple of pieces of the pie to our room and they were delicious. I may have to get some Bumbleberry seeds to take back and grow.

The next morning, we woke quite late, missing breakfast. But that didn’t matter, next to the bakery we visited the previous night was a restaurant called Wildcat Willies Ranch Grill.

We feasted on sandwiches stuffed with more meat than a butchers front window!