Our next stop off was the 49th State. Arizona, The Grand Canyon State. This was a state that brings back a few memories for Stef and I. In 2010, we got a helicopter down into the canyon and got married there. The photos were amazing and I’m yet to see anyone else’s wedding photos top them!

Arizona State Welcome Sign - 50 states in 6 months

But before we visited the Canyon itself, we had other things on the list to do first. We’d been driving a while and the landscape became more like a desert. No other state had been like it and the change was welcomed. After impersonating a couple of cactus at the state sign, we headed to the top right of the state.

About 20 minutes later, we arrived at the Four Corners. It’s the only place in America where four states join in the same place. We paid the entrance fee and headed to the site. The four states are Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico. We took the standard photos that everyone takes and Stef even got tired of the photos and laid down…conveniently covering all four states. It was extremely windy there and I was very grateful for all the sand it was throwing in my eyes!

With that ticked off our list, we headed to our hotel. We were staying in a small town called Kayenta in the Wetherill Inn. The journey there consisted of some more amazing sights. There were massive mountains and never-ending roads.

Wetherill Inn, Kayenta, Utah

Just down the road was Monument Valley. You may not have heard of it, but I’m pretty sure that you would have seen a photo or two that has been taken there. The next day, we headed off towards the valley. Along the way were some more very long roads that looked like they went on forever!

Monument Valley - Utah

After the 20 odd mile journey, we passed many massive rock formations but they were nothing compared to what we were going to see.

Again, after paying the entrance fee, we started the Scenic route through the valley. It was a loop of 17 miles and it made sure you passed all the things you needed to see. It was $20 per car but after a few minutes you could tell where the money WASN’T going – the road! It was an unpaved, gravel road. There were bumps and holes all over the place. The banging, crashing and scratching coming from under the car would have made a mechanic see dollar signs!

You’ll see from the photos that the place looked amazing. There were enormous rock formations all around us. Every now and again there would be a stop point with great views. They were all clearly labelled but one thing really annoyed me. At every stop there would be some Indian person trying to sell some old tat, bracelets, cloth and even dream catchers. Fair dos, they have to make a living, but they always managed to put their car and stall right in the way of the best shots. To not include them you had to do a bit of climbing around them!

There’s nothing much more I can say about them. They were big rocks in the desert. They were impressive though.

Yet again, the car got filthy a few days after I had cleaned it. You would have thought I would have learned my lesson by now!

dusty chrysler 300 - Monument Valley - Utah