We said goodbye to Ron, Nancy and the horses and made our way into town to explore San Antonio. Our first stop was the Alamo, where the Battle of the Alamo took place. To be honest neither of us had really heard of it before this trip so I actually had no idea what ‘The Alamo’ was. When I read that it was a mission, I thought it was the pathway that the people walked to go to war, as in ‘they went on a mission’. I was very wrong and when I explained to Barry what I thought it was, he laughed. The mission is actually a fortress compound or sanctuary run by Roman Catholics. The battle came about when Mexican Troops launched an assault on the Alamo Mission and killed all of the Texian defendants. So, with the history out the way, we took a wander round what is left of the old mission including the original water well and courtyard.

After educating ourselves on more American history (I now know more about the USA’s history than the UK’s!), we headed to the San Antonio River to follow the very popular river walk. As we walked, I felt like I was somewhere between Venice and Southbank, London. It was a narrow little river, with stone bridges going over it and the banks were lined with restaurants. There was even a small concert area and a water taxi service that you could flag down and jump on to take you round.

We finished our day off by stopping in PizzaRita’s for what was said to be the best pizza on the river. We had a large Hawaiian and it tasted pretty darn good to us!


big Hawaiian pizza from PizzaRita, San Antonio, Texas