For our final day in Miami we’d booked ourselves a little trip. Something I’d always wanted to do – sea fishing! I’ve never even fished before, but I’ve always wanted to try. I did my research and decided on Captain Stan’s Therapy IV. All the reviews I’d read said they’d always caught some amazing fish, so I was confident that we’d have a successful day.

Deep Sea Fishing - Captain Stan's Therapy IV - Miami - Florida

We set off early and watched the sunrise as we drove to the dock. Once we found the boat we were due to fish from, we were met by our Captains Chris and Bob, who got us all set up. We were going out to sea with three other people, two American guys and a guy from Belgium who happened to live in London.

As the boat set sail, it wasn’t quite as I had expected. We weren’t given a rod and sat waiting for a bite. The rods were all set up around the boat and we just had to keep an eye out to see when one got a bite. When one did bite, we took it in turns to reel them in. It wasn’t long before the first fish hooked on and one of the guys reeled in a King Fish. It was a couple of foot long and really gave the guy a work out to pull it onto the boat. I was slightly concerned that if he found it tough, how was I going to manage it? Pretty soon it was Barry’s turn to reel one in and he too pulled in a King Fish.

Then it was my turn. I sat in the chair and took the rod. It was tiring and it got to the point where I felt like my arm couldn’t hold on to the rod any longer, but I wasn’t about to give in. I had to show these boys that a girl could do it just as well. I eventually made it and reeled in another King Fish.

Deep Sea Fishing - Captain Stan's Therapy IV - Miami - Florida

After 4 hours out at sea, we’d managed to catch 10 fish. Unfortunately for Barry one of the King Fish he caught was too small so had to be thrown back in. Of those 10 fish 9 were King Fish and the 10th was what I believe to be the catch of the day and it just so happened that I was the one that reeled it in. It was what the captain called the prettiest fish of the ocean, the Dolphin. When Chris called me over to reel it in, he told me it was a Dolphin and I immediately started to panic. A Dolphin? How could I possibly pull that in and were we even allowed to catch dolphin? Obviously seeing the panic in my eyes, he then told me that it wasn’t an actual Flipper type Dolphin, but a fish called the dolphin. Phew…I was relived to hear that.

Feeling very proud that we’d managed to catch some awesome fish, we decided to go for a walk down the beach. It was far too hot to lie out in the sun, so I opted just to paddle in the sea. The water was so warm, it was like bath water.

As we were letting the ocean wash over our feet, I noticed a dark mass in the sea. I thought it was just a shadow from a cloud above, but then I noticed it was moving towards us. As it got nearer, we could see that it was actually a school of small fish. There were hundreds of them moving together. What happened next was probably one of the most bizarre yet fascinating things I have ever seen…

The fish were just passing by us, when a group of much bigger fish raced up behind them. Fearing for their lives, all the small fish started darting all over the place. Not realising that land was right to the side of them, they suddenly landed on the beach and started flapping around gasping for air. This in turn caused a mass of seagulls to swoop down hoping to catch them. Fish were jumping, seagulls were diving, the waves were splashing and we were caught in the middle of it all. I was fine until the fish started flinging themselves in the air and nearly hit me in the face! Barry started pushing them back into the ocean with his feet. We didn’t want to see them lying dying on the sand after all. It lasted for a good five minutes and luckily we had the video camera with us to capture it all on film!