Arriving in Maryland saw us reach state number 32. After a night spent in a Motel 6 in Baltimore we headed straight into town. The reason for our visit was to fulfil Barry’s need to see to place where the TV show, The Wire, was set. I have no idea what The Wire is about having never seen it, but if you have, I’m sure you’ll understand why he kept videoing himself in random places around the city saying “shiiiiiii….”

Whilst in Baltimore we thought we should do some exploring so we settled on going to the National Aquarium of Baltimore. It was said to be the best aquarium in America. Seven-stories high and topped with a glass pyramid, it definitely looked like it was something special from the outside but we’d been to our fair share of aquariums whilst on our travels so we would judge for ourselves.

We wondered in and were met with a huge pool filled with giant rays, sharks, a turtle and lots of other smaller funky looking fish.

As we walked our way round, the fish in the tanks were not much different from what we’d seen in every other aquarium, but they did have some other great exhibits, such as the range of toads and tiny frogs. They were all sorts of colours and some were as tiny as a fingernail.
What I was truly fascinated by though was the Jelly Fish exhibit. In all other aquariums I’ve been to, they just have one tank with one kind of jellyfish. Usually in a tank that changes colours, highlighting them. This exhibit had all sorts of breeds. Including the Lions Mane Jellyfish, which looked like it was leaving a trail of fire behind it.
In the glass dome at the top of the aquarium was a rainforest. Here we got to see some Golden Tamarin Monkeys. They were hiding up high in the trees, but were so tiny and cute. I’d love to take one home, but I’m not sure I’d get it through customs. There was even a waterfall and some brightly coloured birds flying around.
After seeing the aquarium, it was time for some lunch. We found ourselves in Dick’s Last Resort. The reason for the name? All the staff acted like dicks. Our waiter told us this and it was true. They fooled around with a hula-hoop, took the mickey out of the customers and made me wear a stupid hat. However the food was pretty tasty and all the dickness made for a comical lunch.