We were staying at the Candlewood Suites, just down the road from Boston in a place called Burlington. It was probably the nicest room we’ve had in the States. It had a full kitchen, including a dishwasher and even a VHS player beside the TV. Cutting edge. The place also had a gym that I nearly killed myself in one day whilst working out too hard. It also had laundry facilities that were free! It seemed a lot more posh than the places we were used to but the price also showed that!

The next day, we had booked on a TV & Movie tour of Boston with On Location Tours (who we also used to tour the TV and Movie Sets of NYC). It used to be really expensive for companies to film in Boston so very few did, however, a few years ago, they reduced the price, making them one of the cheapest states for productions. Now there’s a film or show being filmed every week! There was a Johnny Depp movie being filmed whilst we were there, however, we didn’t get to see him or it.

Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge - Boston - Massachusetts

We all jumped on a mini bus and made our way around the city with a young actress called MG as our guide. There were so many places to see including Ally McBeal’s and Boston Legal’s offices. Other films included Knight & Day, The Thomas Crown Affair, The Heat, Field Of Dreams, National Treasure, Witches of Eastwick, The Departed, Ted and Good Will Hunting.

A few days before we arrived in Boston, the late great actor, Robin Williams, had died. One of his greatest films was Good Will Hunting. The pub in which they spent some time was the first stop of the day. We entered L Street Tavern and even got to sit at the exact table where they sat. It was like we were part of film history!

After that we saw many locations from the Departed – below is a snapshot form the film to show the location. I even got to wear a nun mask and strangled Stef on the stairs where a part on a film, Mystic River, was recorded.

The last stop of the day was at one of the most famous bars on Earth – It also has the most photographed sign in the whole of Massachusetts. It is of course the Cheers bar from the TV show “Cheers“! Although it is a real bar, the layout is completely different. However, they have a replica of the bar in the room above, but you can’t actually sit there and get drunk like Norm and Cliff.

Although the tour had finished, our guide walked with us to the famous bench from Good Will Hunting, where Robin Williams talks with Matt Damon. It was now a shrine to the late actor where people had left kind words on the sidewalk, flowers and even a balloon genie!


RIP Mork.