The next day, we crossed the line into our 26th State, Massachusetts. As the welcome centre was next to the State welcome sign, it allowed us to have a little fun with it. But I can assure you that the photo has not been altered in any way…

Massachusetts State welcome sign - 50 states in 6 months

The Plaza Motel was the next accommodation. It didn’t state it in the description, but it was next to a Dunkin’ Doughnuts. Not good. Sitting in the room, I was quite parched so I headed next door for some juice. I returned with two doughnuts and 25 Munchkins (sort of like the holes from the doughnuts). God knows why Stef trusted me on my own to go!

The next day, weighing slightly more, we headed just down the road to Salem, home of the famous Witch Trials.

Salem, Massachusetts

Parking was free as it was a Sunday, which was a touch and we walked to the Witch Dungeon Museum. We paid our entrance fee of a mere $8 each and waited in the big hall ready for the tour to begin. Along the walls were plaques that told you about the trials. It was a very bizarre time.

witch dungeon museum, Salem, Massachusetts

witch dungeon museum - Salem - Massachusetts

Basically, back in 1692, eight girls, aged between 9 and 19, had stated that a woman called Tituba who was a black slave, had caused them to have fits, scream, throw things about the room, utter strange sounds, crawl under furniture and contort themselves into peculiar positions. The girls stated it was witchcraft and the woman was arrested and sent to prison. The girls saw how easy this was and they started accusing everyone! In total, over 200 people had been accused. Some seeing prison and some not being as lucky and were hung. Of course all the accused denied it. One woman who was accused as a witch had a 4-year-old boy. When she was hung, he did not want to watch it happen. People then stated he was a witch. Crazy. Anyone that stood up for these “witches” were deemed witches themselves. Even the arresting officer of the original witch stated it was a load of rubbish. The young girls then said he was a witch. He fled town but was caught a week later and hung. They even killed two dogs as the girls said that the dogs looked at them funny.


After many people were killed or put in prison, the girls stated it was all made up. One judge at the time said all that the girls needed were a beating. Of course, the girls stated he was a witch and he was hung. It all came to an end when the girls accused the mayor’s wife of being a witch. He didn’t want to lose her and after 19 people had already been killed, said enough was enough. Doctor’s now days would diagnose them with some sort of condition but I still agree with the beating being the best medicine.


The tour started and we were presented with a small play that explained the situation, which I summed up above and included the transcript from one of the real trials. Not knowing anything before, it educated me immensely. After the play, we walked downstairs and visited the dungeons. It was cold, dark and creepy. It had cells with mannequins in. Some looked scary and some looked like they should be modelling clothes at Macys. It was no Madame Tussauds but it did the job.

We then walked around town seeing an original Witch House and a bronze statue of the witch Samantha from the TV show “Be-witched”. Just down the road was the cemetery where the judge was buried and also the location of the Witch Trials Memorial. Here lay stones dedicated to those that were killed in the time of madness.

witch house - Salem - Massachusetts


Witch graves - Salem - Massachusetts

To top the day off, we headed to the Witches Brew Café where we dined on bat whiskers, mummified toenails, vampire blood, gargoyle sweat, and troll teeth. Okay, maybe we didn’t. We both had healthy salads. Thankfully no Witches of Salem cast any spells on us and we managed to escape!

But looking back at some of the stuff we ate in Asia, I’m sure if they served that type of thing, we’d definitely be up for trying it! Click here for our weird food blogs from Asia – Tarantulas & Snakes AND Deep Fried Insects!

Sail Loft - Salem - Massachusetts