Today we were seeing the biggest lady in America. And being the most obese country in the world, she must be impressive. The French gave the Statue Of Liberty to USA back in 1875 and back then, it was all a copper colour. Now due to excessive bird droppings and the fat fumes from all the McD fryers in NYC, it has gradually turned into the green that we see today.

NYC skylineStatue of Liberty - New York City - New York

We had bought our tickets in advance and were set to climb it at 1pm, which meant a lay in. YAY. It wasn’t until we’d left to get there, that we realised we hadn’t left enough time to get there as it wasn’t the usual train to Times Square that we were getting. Ooops.


With minutes to spare, as soon as we exited the subway station, Stef sprinted ahead. Normally, I have to stop and wait for her everywhere we go as she walks so slowly – but this time, I had a stitch trying to keep up with her! We made it to the start of the line to discover that it wasn’t a “if you don’t get here on time, you won’t be going” time. They had boats running every 15 minutes.

Statue of Liberty, New York City, New York

The boat started filling up with people. So much so, it remind me of being in Asia, where they had no health and safety regulations and filled it to bursting point! The boat pulled away and we were given the best skyline view of Lower Manhattan. As we approached the Statue, it didn’t look that big. Sure, it was big, but it just didn’t feel it. I guess the last time I saw it, it was fighting the Marshmallow Man in Ghostbusters. So unless it’s next to buildings, you have no real comparisons.

Statue of Liberty and the NY Skyline, New York City, New York

After breaching the island, we headed straight to the base. I did want to go up to the crown; however, the waiting list was up to October! After passing through the metal detectors and storing stuff in lockers (which are $2 a time and you don’t have a choice – just a bit cheeky), we made our way up the STAIRS! You could get an elevator but we decided to burn off yesterday’s large meal! As we made our way up the stairs, a family had also thought to do it. There were two little kids about 4-5 years of age walking up the stairs with their parents behind them – they were blocking the whole step. After yesterday’s events at the Empire State Building, I just wanted to pick up the kids and throw them out the window. But after about 4 floors, they got the hint and let us and the many people behind us, past them.

We made it up to the pedestal where she stands. It was rammed. People were trying to take the best photo they could of the Statue, however, the standing area was so close to it, you couldn’t really get any decent ones…apart from up the skirt ones! It did have a really good view of the skyline of the surrounding states though.

Statue of Liberty - New York City - New York

Statue of Liberty - New York City - New York

We made it back down, via the stairs again (how good are we!), and walked to the front of the statue to get some better shots of it. As we made it round there, one of the biggest, dirtiest clouds came towards us. Having finished with the snaps and taking in the scenery, we headed back to the boat. When the boat had returned to the mainland, we headed to the 9/11 Memorial Site. You could pay to be part of a tour, however, I don’t believe in making money from a tragedy. It was a stunning memorial though; with the biggest waterfall feature I have ever seen.

9-11 tribute Ground Zero - New York City - New York

The next day, we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. But, before we did, I wanted to do another spot of TV set stalking. I guarantee that hardly any of you have seen it, but we stopped off at the 78th Precinct police station in Brooklyn where the show “Brooklyn Nine Nine” is supposedly set. We’d been addicted to the show whilst here and just had to see it.

Brooklyn 99 police station - Brooklyn - New York

After a short tube ride, we made it to Brooklyn Heights. It gave fantastic views of the Manhattan skyline. Whilst taking photos, I couldn’t help but notice the two men on toilets on the boardwalk. Just a bit weird.

Brooklyn bridge - New York City - New York

The bridge was long and took us about 20 minutes to walk across. If you weren’t trying to avoid the slow tourists, you had to be careful of the people on the pushbikes. It was like being back home in London.

After riding another subway, we finished the day at Coney Island. We walked up and down the boardwalk taking in the sights including the famous Luna Park. The dark cloud eventually caught up with us and as we jumped back on the subway, it started to chuck it down. Having only worn a tee and shorts because it was so hot, we got drenched on the way back from the subway to the hotel!

sub way train - New York City - New York

For our last day in NYC we decided to take it easy. First stop of the day was, of course, the flag girls of Times Square. I detested going but Stef was adamant and threatened to throw a strop if we didn’t. So, perving out of the way, we grabbed some lunch and sat in Central Park. We sat there for a while, eating our lunch, looking at the wonderful sights, with not a care in the world. What a dreadful life we are living…


We walked around the park for a while, before heading to a few of the museums. We didn’t go in – it had been a tough week for our legs and we decided to treat them to a nice rest back at the hotel.

NYC is an amazing city. Its pretty much London – but with less tourists!