All dressed up, we headed to Fenway Park to see the famous baseball team, the Boston Red Sox, play the Houston Astros in our first MLB game. The tickets were $85 (£52) each and ended up being very good seats. We had a good vantage point of all the action. Being our first baseball game, we were quite excited. The traditional national anthem began, however, unlike our NASCAR race we went to, no one had jumped from a plane. Instead there were just five men in some sort of uniform walking around, waving flags.

Boston Red Sox - Fenway Park Stadium - Boston - Massachusetts

The teams came out and play began. Not going to lie, I thought there would be a hell of a lot more action. Most of the time, the batter would either strike out or get to walk to 1st base as the pitcher had thrown rubbish balls. Every now and again, someone would hit the ball and the crowd got a little crazy, only for it to be caught and the batter would walk back off the pitch.

Both teams had a go at batting and then all of a sudden they walked off the pitch. There was then about a 5-10 minute gap where the new fielders would come out and the whole process started again. I’m sure there’s no need for the time wasting. When we used to play baseball at school, we would just swap and get on with it. I’m sure if 15 year olds had the energy to do that, then a professional athlete who gets paid $5,000,000 a year should be able to! How long would the actual game last if this was the case? It was nearly as bad as the time wasting in NASCAR when the pace car had to come out all the time!

There were a few bits of enjoyment that got the crowd talking. At one point, a woman staff member who sits at the side of the pitch got smacked in the head with a hit ball. It was so intense that her helmet came flying off. She was assisted off but never came back. We also got involved in our first large-scale Mexican wave. It lasted for about 3 laps but like the excitement of the game, it fizzled out. I did want to shout “Swing Batter Batter” but I never had the balls to!


We were seated in the Pavilion. It was on the first floor and just enough to not be near any stray balls. It seemed like the majority of the balls that the batters had hit, went into the crowd. Some balls more violent than others. The pitcher was throwing the balls at 90mph, so I couldn’t imagine the speeds at which they were being hit. A good few times, the ball would strike someone in the crowd and a good few times, they were women (I guess they cant resist balls to the face). Once hit, they didn’t return. I’d say this is the sport with the most injuries – but none of them being the actual players!


But one of the major highlights was when a pitch invader came on (or a clothed streaker as I call them). He ran around for a bit, evading the fat security guards until finally being taken down in a very harsh manner. He was then lead off the pitch to the tune of “what shall we do with a drunken sailor”.

Streaker at Red Sox Vs Houston Astros - Fenway Park - Boston - Massachusetts

A few things we did notice though, which could save the club money and also the fans. EVERY ball that had been thrown and hit, would then be thrown into the crowd for someone to keep. Now at $15 a ball, that could become expensive. Stef also noticed that they use orange sand on the pitch and they also wear white uniforms. When they slide to a base (when it did eventually happen) they would be covered in orange. Now that isn’t coming out in the wash and I’m sure the uniforms aren’t cheap. I wondered why the tickets were so expensive!


Wear black uniforms and stop giving balls away. Guaranteed savings of over half a million a year. Your welcome MLB!


The game originally started at about 7pm. It didn’t end till way past 11pm! Now that is crazy.

MLB - Red Sox Vs Houston Astros - Fenway Park - Boston - Massachusetts

As a result, I decided that if any of the participants wear trousers while playing the “sport”, then I should avoid it. Eg, Darts, NASCAR, Golf, and now Baseball. I guess it’s to stop them getting cold as they are just standing/sitting around doing nothing – this is a major hint that it’s a boring spectator sport (to me).


So, if you can think of a sport where they wear trousers and might be the slightest bit entertaining – then please, let me know!