After wowing over famous artefacts at the Henry Ford Museum we drove straight onto our next state Ohio. Or rather state number 21 as we know it. Once we drove over the state line we headed straight for Cleveland where we were spending the next two nights.

Ohio state welcome sign 50 states 6 months

For our only full day in Cleveland we decided to go and tour the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum. We found a car park a little distance away and as we made our way to the museum we were shocked to see that the streets were deserted. It was a Saturday! Where were all the people? As we neared the museum, the first thing I noticed was it’s similar shape to the Louvre in Paris. It was a big glass pyramid. When we got to the entrance we ventured inside to see that it had 5 floors all filled with rock and roll memorabilia. Barry said to me as we joined the queue, ‘don’t be mad at me if I don’t show any interest, it’s not really my thing.’ That in itself made me angry as I don’t understand why he didn’t just say he wouldn’t be interested in it when I told him where we were going (because I knew you’d like it! – Bal). Now I’d have to put up with him moping around!

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, Ohio

Once we paid our entry fee, we picked up a map and headed downstairs where we were told to start. We quickly learnt that downstairs was where the majority of the memorabilia was stored and there was plenty of it. There was a lot of old school rock bands that we had never heard off, but there was also some newer artists thrown in. I wouldn’t call them rock and roll but they were big names such as Katy Perry, Beyoncè and Lady Gaga. The next few floors homed various exhibits about music through the ages, but I was just excited to see famous costumes and hand written song lyrics. And although Barry said he wouldn’t be interested, he got busy taking lots of pictures and even got stuck in reading about the stars! Parked up outside the museum was Johnny Cash’s tour bus ‘JC Unit One’, which he had custom made for himself, his wife and his son. We got to have a tour of it and see all the mod con’s he put in such as a TV for each person and a rotisserie oven as he loved to BBQ. Check out some of the highlights we saw in the pictures below…

Johny Cash RV - rock and roll Hall of fame - Cleveland


On the way back to the car we swung by the FBI building. Barry was desperate to have a nose and seeing as it was clearly labelled on all the maps dotted around the town we assumed it wouldn’t be a problem for us to go and have a look. Although the gates were locked we walked on up to them to get a closer look. Just as Barry took a photo, we heard a security guard shout out to us to move away from the gate. We quickly turned round apologised and scuttled back to the car.

FBI building logo, Cleveland

That evening we ventured out to the cinema to see Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. It was a great film, made all the better by the amazing, fully reclining leather seats we had! The Americans know how to watch a film in comfort.

Lean back Cinema seats in Pittsburgh
The following day we headed onto state number 22, Pennsylvania. We stopped for a night in Pittsburgh where we stayed at a Motel 6, had another trip to the cinema this time to see The Purge 2 (the seats were nowhere near as nice as the cinema in Ohio) and then finished our time in the ‘burgh’ with lunch in Kelly O’s Diner. It was a real old school American diner and the food was delicious. From here we’d planned on driving up and camping at Lake Erie right on the beach, but after checking the weather it told us there was going to be a storm that night. Instead we continued onto Erie, but booked into a very shabby looking Knights Inn. As we pulled up, it really did look very run down, however once we got into our room, it was absolutely fine.  As we looked out the window, the sun was still shining with not a cloud in the sky. We started to feel like the weather report had lied to us and that we could’ve camped right next to the sea after all.

With no threat of rain in the immediate future, we jumped in the car and drove to Presque Isle State Park. We had to drive down a narrow road, which was actually on a sandy arch that juts out from the mainland into Lake Erie. We knew we wanted to go for a walk along the beach and there were thirteen to choose from. When we had almost reached the end of the road, we pulled into a car park and walked down to the lake. Much like Lake Michigan, if you didn’t know it was a lake you would think it was the ocean as the waves were lapping at the sand with force and there was no land in the distance. We went for a little wander as the sun began to set and then headed back to the motel.


That night, a storm kicked in about 1am. We were so glad that we had taken the weather reports advice and booked a motel, there was no way we could’ve coped with another night sleeping in the car!