The last day in town, we visited the birthplace of the Ford motorcar. Their headquarters were based in a huge village in Dearborn, where many cars/vans are made and also has a enormous test track where they put them through their paces. It was originally the land on which Henry Ford built his estate. There are many things to see and do on this location, however, we had our eyes set on the museum.


As we walked through the door, we realised that the museum was massive. So big that it had full size trains down one end. The first section was the president’s cars. They even had the one in which JFK was shot in! Looking at the cars, you could tell that security wasn’t that big of a deal back then. The only one I saw that had a little protection was in a convertible that the President stood up in – it had a small Perspex screen that stopped bugs hitting him as they drove on!

After seeing the POTUS cars from the past and seeing the trains, we took a walk around the cars. They had all sorts. From the very first Model T that was made, to a modern day electric Ford Focus. As cars became more affordable, families went on more road trips. There was a small section on road trips and it even housed a full size replica of a motel room from the 60s. No lie, it was similar to some of the places we’d stayed in!

classic american car, Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn, Michigan

old steam train, Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn, Michigan

The theme changed from land to air. Henry Ford once designed a plane as back then, they thought that everyone in the future would have their own personal one, zipping around instead of cars. Henry Ford soon realised this wasn’t going to happen as it was way too expensive so he threw in the towel. Stef sat in a model plane cabin from one of the first passenger planes. They were made out of wicker and were not comfortable! They had a testimony from someone that took one of the flights and he said it was the most aching experience he had encountered – not only because of the discomfort, but as he landed, the hot engine oil would get sprayed in due to the suction and cover the passengers!

Plane seating, Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn, Michigan

There were plenty of other things to see in the place such as one of the first Wiener mobiles and a seat that looked like it was straight out of the set of Game of Thrones. We even got to see the chair in which President Lincoln was shot and killed. It was a tough job being a president back then!

Our last stop of the museum was the actual bus that Rosa Parks refused to move seats in. They had a small area devoted to the whole civil rights movement. Reading through the articles on the walls, it was shocking how people acted back then.

Rosa Parks Bus, Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn, Michigan

Stef took a seat in the bus for a photo. We don’t know if it was the exact seat Rosa Parks sat in, but hey, Stef’s white so she can sit where she wants!

Sitting in the Rosa Parks Bus, Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn, Michigan