On to our next state – Oregon.


I was here for one reason and for one reason only; to partake in a food challenge.

Oregon state sign - 50 States in 6 Months

We stayed the night in the capital city of Salem in a small shelter called Travellers Inn Motel. It was a bed for the night so it didn’t have to be the Ritz. I had originally thought Salem was where the witch trails were held but I was wrong. Yet again. But I did find a camping shop that had more guns for sale than I’ve had hot dinners! The next day was spent in Portland. Their slogan is “Keep Portland Weird”. The only thing I was interested in was a small shop called Voodoo Doughnuts.

As we approached the shop, you could see the line coming out of the door and around the corner. It is well known worldwide and has been on many TV shows (Man Vs Food being one). They sell all sorts of doughnuts but I was there for one in particular. The Tex-Ass Challenge Doughnut. We’d often talked about food challenges at work and even took part in a chicken challenge where the first one to eat a whole chicken and rice the quickest, won. We bought the doughnuts and took them back to our new motel called Econo Lodge.

Stef had ordered a regular doughnut and my one, called the Tex-Ass, was the size of Stef’s head. And I’m not exaggerating! I sat down and set my GoPro up to capture the long, tiring and very filling eating of the Tex-Ass.


I passed the challenge and even had room after for a burger at Taco Bell!


Bring on the next food challenge!