After stuffing ourselves with food yet again the previous night, it was time to walk it all off with a walking trek up the volcano – Diamond Head. It was just four of us – me, Barry, my Dad and Sarah my sister. Glyn had decided to do a skydive – he didn’t want to be outdone by Barry and me, and my Mum was going to work off the food by running around after Max back at the hotel.


We headed out early, meeting at 8am. It would take about 30 minutes by bus to get to the park entrance where the volcano was and we wanted to beat the heat. It was only about a 1.5 hour round trip to get to the summit and back down, but it was going to be steep and none of us fancied doing it when the temperatures hit the 30’s. After our short bus journey, we arrived. We hopped off the bus and made our way into the park. It took us a little while to find the walkway that would take us to the starting point. That turned out to be about a 20-minute walk in itself! We had to pay $1 to do the climb, which certainly wasn’t going to break the bank. The amount of people that were also heading the same way though, I’m sure they must make a fortune from it!

Feeling energetic, Barry and I took the lead and stormed off ahead. The path started off paved and was an easy enough walk, but then it turned to gravel and pretty soon we were walking over a rocky path. The walk started to get steep and the sun was still hot even though it was early. The path was winding it’s way up the side of the crater and when Barry and I stopped at a view point, we could see my Dad and Sarah a little way down behind us.

After we’d finished winding our way up the path, we came to a set of very steep steps. They were pretty exhausting to walk up, but we made it eventually. It was a bit nerve-racking walking up them, as you knew if you looked back there would be a steep drop behind you. Once at the top, you had to make your way through a tunnel. Tunnels aren’t my favourite things, but given that just recently I ‘tubed’ through them 60 feet underground, I knew I could get through this. When we’d emerged out of the tunnel, it was another short walk before we had to go up a metal spiral staircase, which lead you into an old army bunker. Here, you had to get down on your hands and knees to crawl through a very small opening and then you were out at the summit. Barry and I just about made it through, but my Dad with his old knees had a little trouble. The fact he’s 6’2” probably didn’t help either!

Once at the summit the views were amazing. You could see for miles and we were looking right down on Waikiki beach and out towards the valleys. We spent a while walking around the top, mostly to catch our breath. We had made it up there in 35 minutes! Then it was time to come down. The route back was slightly different, so you didn’t have to walk down the spiral staircase or the really steep steps, which was a relief.

By the time we all made it to the bottom, we were all a sweaty mess. But we’d done it and were all very proud of our achievement. Now we just had to walk the 20 minutes back to the bus stop and that was the worst bit!


Once we got back to our hotel, Barry and I decided to treat ourselves to lunch in the café next door, the Wailana Coffee House. All the calories we’d just burned off were about to be piled back on, but we couldn’t help ourselves. We’d worked up such an appetite with all that walking!

We finished the day off with another trip down to the beach. Like me, Max loves being in the sea and jumping over all the waves so we had to make the most of it!