It was our last day camping near Yosemite but it was our first day trying to put all the stuff back in to the car. I don’t know how we managed to store everything in there but it was an experience trying to get it back in!


With my seat pushed all the way to the front by all the camping equipment and my knees up by my ears, we set sail for our last port in California, San Francisco. We did not plan on staying in San Fran, we just wanted to stop there to have lunch. Who could drive through it without stopping! We parked up near a massive bow and arrow in Rincon Park, and started walking along the sea front. Having been there before, we knew we were far away from the main tourist section, but it was a nice day and didn’t mind the 30-minute walk.

We were heading for the Bubba Gump Shrimp Restaurant as we ate there before and it was absolutely delicious. However, the last time we were there, we were the only customers. This time, it was absolutely rammed. We made it to Bubba Gump and the queue was not only out of the door, but it was winding around the outside! Our stomachs were growling like a lion during mating season and trust me, you don’t want to be around when Stef gets hungry! We had to eat and the closest place was Pier Market restaurant. As we went through the door, we got seen and seated within seconds. Our stomachs thanked us.

Stef ordered a prawn/shrimp combo and I ordered a succulent piece of swordfish. It came out within minutes and disappeared in our mouths just as quick. It was really tasty and filled us up right good. It was a good job we were not in a rush to get back to the car as we could barely move. Stef went to the rest room and I summoned the bill. When it came, I noticed that the drinks had not been placed on it. I then looked in my wallet to get my money out to find that I’d left my credit card in the car after getting gas! With the added price of the drinks I just had enough money. Phew, that was close! I called the waiter over and told him the balance was wrong. He looked at the bill and told me he’d given me the wrong order. He handed me the new bill and it was twice as expensive. Oh no. Stef came back to the table and saw my worried expression. Would the police be called? Would they shame us in front of all the other patrons or would we spend the next week washing dishes?? The only option would be to go back to the car to get the card. But it was an hour return trip. I called the waiter over and explained the situation. Luckily, he was very friendly and all that was needed from us was my driving license as security. We left the restaurant and started the walk back. It was a hard task as our bellies were at bursting point! When we got back to the car, I told Stef to wait in the nearby Starbucks for me to return. I couldn’t make her walk there AND back. After a very long walk, I’d managed to pay the bill and return to the car. The date was Saturday the 14th but it was to become our new Friday the 13th!

We drove to a place called Lombard Street. It is an extremely windy road. It’s been in a few films and TV programs and I really wanted to see it. As we got to the top of the road, which is one way for obvious reasons, you could see the very steep gradient. The road’s surrounding were covered in flowers, bushes and trees. It was very colourful. We started the windy descent but they were by no way a challenge for my amazing driving. As we got to the bottom, it was full of tourists taking photos so I pulled over and joined them.

lombard street at San Francisco california

Next up was the famous Golden Gate Bridge. Everyone knows this bridge and it really is a fascinating piece of work. It towers so high and is always a nice bright red (They never stop painting it. They start painting it from one end and when they make it to the other end, they start again!). We pulled over at the vista point and took some wonderful photos of it. It was foggy the last time we visited it so it was a pleasant end to California.