After having a lovely Taco Bell for dinner and staying the night at a Motel 6 in Carlsbad, we headed north to Los Angeles. First things first, we had to have breakfast at iHop where we stuffed ourselves with pancakes and crepes. Being an avid Chiver (a reader of the Chive website), I wanted to see their office that was based overlooking Venice Beach. As we had planned to walk to the beach anyway, it killed two birds. We walked down the strip and to be honest, it was quite seedy. There were homeless people scattered about and shops that helped you get weed but legally. It wasn’t how I pictured it and definitely not how it was in Baywatch. We did get to see Muscle Beach, but unfortunately, it was empty and I couldn’t show off my guns to anyone. We got to the office of The Chive and there were a couple of girls on the balcony having their lunch. I shouted up to them (I was wearing a Chive T-shirt so it was allowed) and was told that we could have a tour of the office! The office is now mainly occupied by a website called Tapiture but Chive’s online unit was still there. We got a tour and to make it the best day ever, she gave us loads of free t-shirts and even a Chive Beer – The KCCO Black Lager.

With a boot filled with Tees and Venice Beach in the rear view mirror, we headed to Hollywood. We saw all the stars and even all the prints in cement outside the Chinese theatre. Stef even had her picture taken with a fat spiderman and a pirate woman in costume (obviously holding a handbag as they did back then). Before we headed home, we had to stop at the local Hooters. I didn’t want to go but Stef forced me. We had pickled gherkins, prawns and some famous chicken wings. I also had my photo taken with our lovely host. Again, I was made to do it and the smile in the photo is obviously forced. We chose not to do the celebrity house tour as we did that the last time we were in

The reason we did not do the tour again? We have hundreds of pictures of houses but can’t remember who lives there!