The next day was another early rise – we were Visiting Pearl Harbour Historical Site. Stef and I had to walk all the way to the other side of town to her family’s hotel. Her Dad had told us that there was a bus that stopped outside their hotel that went straight to Pearl Harbour. After walking in the heat (it was only about 8am!) for about 20 minutes, we met them and caught the bus. After about 5 minutes, the bus went right outside our hotel, stopped and the doors opened. Arghh! At least the walk burned off the food from last night!


It was an hour and a half journey to Pearl Harbour. Little Max sat next to me and chatted to me like there was no tomorrow. He’s addicted to the computer game called Minecraft. I hadn’t a clue about it but he proceeded to tell me every single bit about it. It made for a fun journey…

Welcome to Pearl Harbour, Hawaii, USA

It was an interesting place to walk around. Everyone knows what happened. The Japanese wanted to take over Asia but before they did, they wanted to do a surprise attack on USA’s fleet that were docked in Hawai’i. It was a sad day and many lost their lives or their loved ones.

After a short film that explained the disastrous day, we got on a boat and headed to USS Arizona. It was a boat that had been sunk with many still on board when it did. They had turned it into a memorial as it was near to the surface. On the way over there, I stood up to take a photo. The boat stopped and one of the soldiers steering the boat told me to sit down. Everyone looked at me. Just a little embarrassing.

You could clearly see the remains of the sunken ship that was under the platform. In one place you could even see the ship’s oil still coming to the surface from the sunken ship.

Oil leak of the USS Arizona, Pearl Harbour, Hawaii, USA

We got back on land and headed to the Pearl Harbour museum. In all honesty, I didn’t read much. I took the photos and Stef does the reading. If there’s anything interesting she tells me. I know I’ve moaned about Stef reading everything in the past and now I know whom she gets it from. Her parents read EVERYTHING. I’m not exaggerating. Every little bit of text had to be read. It felt like I had been waiting for them for hours. It didn’t bother me though as I got to entertain my nephew but thankfully Minecraft never got mentioned!

The last stop of the day was USS Bowfin. It was an old submarine turned museum. We all started the audio tour and made our way though the sub apart from Stef’s dad, Mick. He had managed to set the voice to Japanese. As his knowledge of the Japanese is close to zero it slowed him down a bit.


After a very hot long first day, we rode the bus home. As in true holiday style, that night we went to another restaurant and pigged out.


Our stomachs are not used to all this food. I’m sure they will explode soon.