For the next day, I had originally planned for us to see Mount Cook, however, I changed my mind due to scheduling issues. After speaking to the owner of the campsite were were staying at, I changed my mind back. Oh boy was I glad I did.


If we woke up early enough, we could still see it and get to our next site in time. As the sun was rising, we were on the road heading to Mount Cook that was about 20km away. As we were driving down the road along a lake, we would be hit by some amazing views. I stopped a few times to take photos and every time I did, you could see other cars behind me doing the same!

As the sun rose, you could see Mount Cook in the distance. It was massive. It was the first time I’d seen mountains like this and was gobsmacked. We parked up in Mount Cook Village and found a trail that we could do in 3 hours – the Hooker Valley Track. Like normal, we didn’t take any water.


We started walking and straight away met with a massive bridge crossing a fast flowing Hooker River. Stef wouldn’t let me cross it with her. She doesn’t like heights and I tend to jump up and down on wooden bridges. It made for a great photo of her anyway so it all worked out. We crossed a couple more bridges but I promised Stef I wouldn’t jump up and down. She did moan about my “heavy” feet though.

After about an hour and a half of trekking through amazing views, we made it to the end of the track. We’d made it to the Hooker Lake. There were massive chunks of ice floating in the freezing water. This was the source of the river we had walked alongside the whole trek. We were the only ones there so straight away I donned the horse’s head. Yes it goes everywhere with me.

As we walked back, the sun was in full force. It got so hot that we had to strip off to our t-shirts! After a spot of lunch sitting beside the mountains, we headed off.