After waving goodbye to cold New Zealand, we stepped on the plane to our last country, USA. Once here, we would be travelling to all 50 states in 6 months! A mammoth task but we are well prepared for it.


This was the half way mark of our one year trip and we needed a holiday – travelling had really taken it’s toll on us. What better place to have a holiday than lovely Hawai’i.


The plane was one of the best I had been on. Apart from the many new films and TV shows on demand, they also had the food and drinks menu on the screen. You could just select a beer and within a minute, the hostess would bring you one. For free. brilliant. The plane landed in Honolulu and after making it through immigration, we headed outside where we were hit with the heat. It was nearly midnight as well! It was a LOT different to the freezing nights we had been having in New Zealand!

aloha, Honolulu airport, Hawaii

Aloha Lovely Hawaii.


We caught a cab to our holiday hotel, the Aqua Palms Waikiki (Google Maps). When I was looking through hotels many months before the trip, this one stood out by a mile. As for in the lobby, they had an iHop. For those that don’t know, it stands for International House Of Pancakes. When Stef and I got married in the States in 2009, our first stop off the plane was to an iHop. We loved the portions and food here. It seemed good at first booking this hotel but having landed, we instantly thought of how much weight we would be putting on as a result!

Aqua Palms Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii

The room was lovely with a large bed, a big screen TV and most importantly, a bathroom. All these things were a luxury to us having spent the last 3 months in a van where the bed was made out of sofa cushions and we had to share the showers with others!


The next day we woke up early. Stef’s family had flown over from the UK a few days before and were meeting us. It was really nice to see familiar people. We all headed to iHop and ordered some of the biggest portions of food I have ever seen in my life. These portions however, are just normal sizes to the good people of USA. I didn’t even finish my fry up with two pancakes, each of the size of a trucks steering wheel. I should have ordered the children’s meal. To be honest, I probably would have struggled with that as well! Stef’s sister has a 3-year-old boy called Max. When we left over 3 months ago, he wasn’t talking that much. He sat next to me at the table and didn’t stop talking to me the whole time. My burning ear did take the thought off my aching stomach though.


After breakfast, we waddled back to the room to get our swimming gear and headed to the famous Waikiki Beach. The sand was clean and white and the sea was clear and bright blue. It was nice to get back into the sea again. I normally take Max swimming at home and it was good to throw him about. Stef normally moans when I try and dunk her. With our stomachs still at bursting point, for lunch we headed to McDonalds that was just over the road. To make it light on myself, I had a wrap. It was massive but I managed to finish it. We also got large Cokes that you can refill as much as you want – they are only $1 (about 60p). How do these Americans keep so slim?

That night we went to Hard Rock Café. My stomach was still full from the previous two meals! We are gonna become fatties just on this little island alone – what are we going to be like after spending 6 months in mainland USA!!!!!