After our frightening spider experience the day before, we got back on the road, taking The Waterfall Way Tourist Drive. It wasn’t going to be a long drive at just 168km, but it promised lots of stops along the way at many waterfalls (unsurprisingly given the name!).


The weather had taken a turn for the better since we got to Armidale and we actually had some sun again with temperatures getting back into the mid 20’s. Everything looks so much better in the sunshine and given that this was going to be a scenic drive, we were very pleased. We were actually using the air con again in the van for the first time in a while!


We were cruising along enjoying the views of the countryside, when we saw the turn off for our first stop – Wollomombi Falls. It was a short drive from the main road, which took us into some woodland area. We parked up and started on the walk to the waterfall. We weren’t walking long, when we reached a viewing platform, which overlooked huge gauges. There was a trickle of water running along the bottom, but no sign of a waterfall. We continued the walk and eventually reached a bridge where the waterfall was. I would call it more of a water-trickle than a waterfall. It was disappointing and at that point Barry said to me ‘If all the waterfalls are going to be like this, we’re not going to make anymore stops!’ Ok Karl!!

We walked back to the van and as we were driving out, I saw a sign that said ‘Wollomombi Falls’ and it was pointing in the opposite direction to where we had walked. I told Bal and as it was only a very short walk, we parked back up and headed in the direction the sign pointed. This is where the waterfall was. We walked onto a viewing platform, which looked out over another massive gauge, and to the left was the waterfall dropping 260ft to the bottom. It was beautiful and I was so glad to have seen the sign – it gave Barry renewed faith that the other waterfalls would be better!

We continued our drive through more countryside, seeing cows and sheep, before coming to our next stop – Ebor Falls. This waterfall truly was amazing and probably the biggest I’ve seen. It had two tiers and was gushing out over dozens of rocks. We took a walk to follow the river and after a short while the river took another drop. Here you could see treetops for miles. We were so glad it wasn’t raining – although the waterfall probably would’ve been flowing even heavier, we wouldn’t have gotten to enjoy the amazing views. There were a lot more people checking out this waterfall and after Barry tripping up over his big feet TWICE, (much to the amusement of the other tourists) we headed back to the van to continue our journey.

After a short while we reached the small town of Dorrigo, home to a rainforest. Here, we decided to stop and go to the Rainforest Centre where we could go on a skywalk, which jutted out over the rainforest. As we walked down the walkway, it really did sound like a rainforest does in the movies, with strange birds making noises at each other and the sound of the trees rustling. Again there was a great view at the end with just trees upon trees.

Our last stop, just down the road from the Rainforest Centre was Dangar Falls. Not as impressive as Ebor Falls, but you could go for a swim in the pool at the bottom if you were up for some glacial bathing. We weren’t!

Dangar Falls, Dorrigo, Australia