After being amazed at the night sky for so long, we decided to find out about it. There was only way to do this, so the next day, we headed straight for Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium to get educated. Brisbane is the only city named after an astronomer.



But, before we did, there was ANOTHER garden to walk around. It didn’t turn out to be that bad. There were a few things we hadn’t seen before like a Bonsai Garden, a small beehive where the bees are the size of ants and can’t sting, and some new spiders that we hadn’t seen before. Whilst I was trying to take pictures of the bees, I heard Stef shout “OH MY GOD!” I turned expecting to see Stef witnessing a crime in progress, but no, it was just a massive spider by the path. It was one of the nastiest spiders we’d seen in a while. And once again, Stef wouldn’t get near it for size comparison.

Whilst walking around the herbs section, I even played cat and mouse with a big bearded dragon but it ran into a bush. I would have run after it, but did you see the spider from earlier??!


We made it to the Planetarium and watched a fascinating show about black holes. It was like an IMAX cinema but on the ceiling – I was amazed. They also displayed the night stars and planets that we could see later that night. On a clear night, you can see hundreds of stars, all as bright as the next.

The Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium

Having finished the show, we headed off in the van to the Brisbane Lookout (Google Maps). On the way there, Stef wanted to see another waterfall. We stopped off and walked for ages. It turned out that the river had all dried up and there was nothing to see! Slightly annoyed and worn out, we headed to the lookout. As you can imagine, it was a lookout over the city of Brisbane. You could see for miles.

That night, we put our education into practice and found the stars and planets we were shown at the planetarium.