The next day we left the Lane Cove River Tourist Park and made our way to Oatley, still in Sydney but just further south of where we had been staying. We were vacating Carly for a few nights and staying with some family – Brian and Tricia McCudden. It was lovely to have a proper bed and a bathroom where you didn’t have to worry whether it had been left clean by the previous user or not!


On our first night with the McCuddens, we joined them and some friends at a lovely Thai restaurant in Oatley. Having been away from Asian food for nearly 2 months now, I didn’t mind eating rice again. The food was amazing and probably better than when we were actually in Thailand! It was great to have some company outside of each other’s and to be able to talk about our travels.


That night we slept soundly on a proper mattress and under a duvet!


The following day, we joined the family for a meal in Surry Hills. Barry and I opted to have the Chicken Roast Dinner. It had all the trimmings including a Yorkshire pudding. The last time we’d had a roast dinner was Christmas Day in Thailand, which felt forever ago!


After a delicious lunch, Brian and Tricia took us on a tour of Sydney. The weather was still pretty miserable with rain pouring down intermittently so we mostly viewed the sights from the car. We drove right along the coast, taking in the sights of Sydney’s beaches including Coogee, Tamarama, Bronte and of course the legendary Bondi! Barry was very excited to see Bondi Beach as he watches Bondi Rescue at home. It did look smaller in real life, but it was still filled with surfers and people going for a paddle. We went for a wonder on the sand as the rain held off just long enough. I went for a paddle and the water was surprisingly warm for such an overcast day.

We then continued our drive onto Watson’s Bay, where we could see all the boats docked up, with a great view of the city in the background. Across from Watsons Bay was The Gap. Not the clothing store but a cliff top lookout, where suicides often take place! Every effort has been made to stop people from leaping to their death – counselling posters, big curved fences which seem impossible to get over, but I guess if you want to go, you’ll find a way!

After another great nights sleep in a proper bed and for our last day in Sydney, we headed for Cronulla Beach. It was yet another miserable day, so we packed our macs and hoped for the best. The rain stayed away whilst we walked to the train station, but just as we got off the train, it hit us – HARD! Out came the macs, but within no time it had stopped. We had just long enough to take a look at the beach. No surprise that there were still a few surfers going at it. The waves were vicious, so no doubt perfect for them, but not if you just wanted a quiet dip. Admitting that the weather wasn’t going to brighten up for us, we chose to spend the afternoon in the cinema instead, where we watched The Grand Budapest Hotel, followed by lunch at the Sushi Train.