Still mourning over the loss of my trusted right flip-flop (his name was Flip – God rest his sole). Stef, myself and Flop headed off to Cape Jervis. It was a small town and was just a stop off as the journey to the Blue Mountains was just too far to do in a day.

Roadtrip in a Campervan across Australia

Along the way, we found a nice little eatery called the Kangaroo Valley Pie Store. It stated it sold the best pies in, not just Australia, but THE WORLD! So we popped in for a little nibble. I had the Beef and Red Wine and Stef had the Chicken. It was the tastiest pie I can remember having. They also had a little store that sold various herbs, spices, jams and sauces. It sold a sauce that was granted the title of The Hottest Sauce In The World by Guinness World Records. They had a certificate on display, as they were very proud of it. Now Sometimes I man up and let my mouth suffer, just so I can experience it. However, if it was the same sting going in, I don’t think my ass would take the punishment on the way out. For this reason, I chose to chicken out.

A little further on and we made it to Cape Jervis and settled down at Huskisson White Sands Tourist Park. The weather wasn’t that great but it wasn’t raining, yet, so we went for a walk. The park was right on the sea front. Our van’s boot faced the sea. It was a nice view and it was the closest to the sea we’d settled down. It was only about a 10-minute walk through a beach and park to get to a small fishing port. There were a few plaques for Stef to read and I took a few photos.

We woke up nice and early ready for the drive ahead. Now I’m not proud of what I did, but it had to be done. If any of you were in my situation – I know you’d have done the same. The park gave us one key for the toilets. Stef had gone in first. She was up before me and as I was waking up, she was out of the door. As I woke up further, my bladder told me that it was full. It was at bursting point. I tried to distract myself by doing a bit of ironing and checking the oil of the van. It worked. But only for so long. I rushed to the bathrooms to get the key off Stef. No one was around that I could ask to let me in. I shouted through the windows to Stef. She didn’t answer. My bladder was ready to go. There was a communal sink right outside and it was hidden from view. Could I pee in the sink without anyone seeing? Could I? No. I didn’t want to risk getting kicked out of Oz for public indecency! I ran back to the van. I reckon I had seconds to spare. I found an empty drinks container and the rest is history. Like I said, I know it was wrong and disgusting but the other alternatives were possibly getting arrested or waiting outside the bathroom in pee-ridden trousers. You would have done the same (and before you women say no, you couldn’t…we have a funnel in the van!).


After disposing of the freshly made warm lemonade, we made our way to Mount Kiera. It is 464 metres above sea level. It had an amazing lookout that gave you a view for miles. Stef felt brave and stood near the end. I’m so proud of her. It had a trail that you could follow to see the “Five Islands”. It was a 15-20 minute walk through bushes and trees. As the views before the trail were so good, Stef lead the way and 15 minutes later we arrived. It was closed because the cliff face had weakened in 2012. Bloody great – Why didn’t they say that at the start! Another 15 minutes later we arrived back to the van.

The Blue Mountains rise to 1100 metres above sea level and it felt it. Sometimes the roads felt that they were vertical. But despite the nearly constant driving in 2nd gear, the van made us proud and made it there in one piece. We pulled up to the park to be told it was full. This was the first time that this had happened to us, but the next park was only a short drive. We arrived at Blackheath Glen Tourist Park and settled in. When I was at reception, they told me about a trail that lead to Govetts Leap that would take an hour. It was getting dark soon, but we took the risk. Now this was a real trail and meant that we had to don our hiking boots (we still wore T-Shirts and shorts as it was hot).


After about 30 minutes of walking, we noticed that the forest in front was covered in mist. It travelled so fast that you could see it moving. It was quite eerie. It wasn’t until later we realised that we were so high up, they were clouds! We made it to one of the lower lookouts and wow. It was amazing. We were up with the clouds. We made it up a little further before Stef decided to be the smart one and realise that it was going to be getting dark soon so we headed back. We made it back to the van for sunset. As we were so high in the clouds, the sun created the effect of a fire in the distance. It then started to rain. And rain it did. It rained like we hadn’t seen before. The roads had been changed to rivers within minutes. We were up on a hill; however, at the bottom of the hill were tents so I can imagine how fun it must have been for them!

That night, we realised that the van was not as waterproof as we had once thought. We had cups in various places catching the drips but at least we didn’t float away like the tents did!

a sunset at the Blackheath Glen Tourist Park, Blue Mountains