Our next road trip took us to Adelaide where we booked into the Adelaide Caravan Park. Up until now we had stayed in some lovely parks and had no trouble at all, but our first morning there when I headed to the shower, it was filthy. This was no fault of the parks, (although they did only have three shower cubicles which isn’t enough for the amount of people staying there), but obviously the girls that were using them just had no respect for others going in after. There was hair all over the floor and just general shower scum. I couldn’t bring myself to shower in that so had to wait for the cleaner to do her rounds at 12:00. However, after hanging around for an hour for the cleaner to do her job, I went in to find that she hadn’t even cleaned the shower cubicle, just the floor outside. Not wanting to waste anymore of the day (and knowing that Barry was waiting for me at a bar for lunch) I just had to find the cleanest one I could and get on with it. Hopefully the next couple of days would be cleaner. They weren’t, but I managed to clean some up with a mop and just get on with it. I just hope this wasn’t the start of things to come from this state as Western Australia was lovely!

As we were staying in Adelaide for a few days, we booked ourselves onto a wine tasting tour in Barossa Valley with Enjoy Adelaide. South Australia is meant to be THE state for the best wines, so what better place to take the tour (and just a general excuse to get our drink on!). Our guide for the day – Tony, picked us up at 8:30am and with us being the first pick up, he decided to give us a quick tour of the city. He was very informative and told us all about how Adelaide was designed and by who – I’d never thought about a city actually being designed by someone, I always imagined people just arrived there and set up house, with roads being built in after. It was all very fascinating, but time was ticking and we had 5 other tourists to pick.

A statue in Adelaide, Australia

Our first stop on the tour was The Worlds Biggest Rocking Horse! Barry was very excited to climb this and was the reason why we went with this tour company. The rocking horse was part of a wooden toyshop but was a good attraction for tourists. So with his $2 paid, Barry took to the climb. I decided not to do it, we couldn’t afford the $4, so I adopted for the smaller, free version instead. Because Barry was super brave, he received a certificate to prove that he had climbed to the top! They had a few animals wondering round too. We even found Uncle Keith!!

Next we went onto the Whispering Wall, the Barossa Reservoir, that is 140 metres long and curved. We were told that if you stand at the one end and talk, your voice will be heard at the other end. Barry and I opted to walk to the other side of the dam to try this out and sure enough when the other person began to speak we could hear them clear as day. We thought someone must have been standing behind us it was so clear.

Barossa Reservoir, South Australia

We were now high up in the Adelaide hills, and the views were amazing. But next was the exciting bit – the wine tasting! Our first stop was Chateau Yaldara, home of McGuigan Wines where we were given a tour of the cellars and a talk on the process they go through to get the wine. At the end we got to sample all sorts including, white, red (including a sparkling red?!), dessert wine and port. Feeling slightly tipsy we made a purchase of some white wine to take away with us. That’s their trick you see, get you nice a drunk so you have no issue parting with your cash!

Along the way we crossed Jacobs Creek – the only wine we’d heard off from home and this was where it was from. A tiny little creek with barely any water in it!

Jacobs Creek, South Australia

We then went on to three other wineries including Kies – where we stopped for a fabulous lunch and enjoying the wine so much, we decided to purchase another bottle. Although this time we consumed the entire contents with our meal. We then went onto Chateau Dorrien where along with more wine, we got to sample white port and honey mead. Same as wine but made with honey instead of grapes – who knew??  Again we made another purchase – a Blackcurrant Liquor – or alcoholic Ribena as we like to call it! And the last stop was Wolf Blass. We reasoned that we’d purchased enough alcohol so declined to make a purchase here (It still didn’t stop you necking a few glasses – Barry) and after tasting wine for the last few hours, I’d really started to go off it!