We set sail for the next town of Beechworth. But first, who could go to Australia and not see the biggest Ned Kelly statue on this whole planet!


About an hour away from our last stop, we visited the town of Glenrowan. It’s a one street town and famous for being the place where the legendary Ned was shot and captured. As we pulled up, you could see the rather large statue of Ned just by the roadside. We posed for a few snaps when I come up with a brilliant photo opportunity. I left Stef there and ran back to the van, as fast as my legs could take me. I returned to the statue with some props in hand and this time, there was no horse mask in sight!

We moved on to the Ned Kelly house that was only a few metres away. This was a replica of where the family lived. It was really old fashioned (obviously) but still looked a lot nicer than some of the flats I had been in to in Southwark! One of the rooms in the replica house had newspaper pages as wallpaper! Most of the flats I had been to had bare walls and dog urine on them! To get to the house, you had to walk through a small Kelly museum with props and items from that era. There were loads of notes, posters and letters to read – Stef was in her element.

Next up was the location where Ned was injured in a massive shoot out with the police. It wasn’t much to look at – just a poorly made doll, made of metal and a couple of logs as legs, up against a tree. I don’t really know what else I was expecting!

It was hot and I had not put on any sun scream so we left the fun and games and made our way to Beechworth.

March 2014 - 30 - 11

We were staying at Lake Samball Caravan Park. As the name suggests, it was on Lake Samball. It was a small lake surrounded by forest. As the weather was still nice, we decided to walk around it. Normally I take my phone with me anywhere we go as we use it for navigation but I didn’t take it with me this time and was worried that we’d get lost even though all we had to do was follow the lake! Whilst walking one part, I kept walking into spider webs. I then realised that the spiders had been spinning large webs on the reeds near the lake and the wind was blowing them onto the path. I didn’t see the actual spiders but seeing as the threads of web were quite large – I didn’t really want to! It only took us about an hour to circumnavigate the Lake without getting lost once – Captain Cook would have been proud.

We got back for sunset and Stef made a delicious salmon and prawn noodle treat for dinner. Goes to show that you can cook even the most amazing meals using just a hob and a hot plate!


That night, the heavens opened and it rained from about 9pm and it didn’t stop till well into the next day.


We had planned to go to the Court where Ned was sentenced to death (which was in also in Beechworth) but I guess we were all Nedded out as we decided to blow it off. Instead, we visited Beechworth Honey. It is a shop, which funnily enough, sells a lot of honey. Beechworth Honey is well-respected and popular in Australia and internationally. In the shop, out back, was a small tour of how the honey is made. It was an interesting tour with videos to watch instead of having to read – perfect for me. They also had a large table out in the shop with all the different types of honey they sold. You could try each one and after a while, Stef told me she could feel her teeth rotting away as she’d had so much, so we left.

Just down the road from the Honey shop, with the taste of sugar in our mouths, we visited the Beechworth Sweet Company. They sold every possible sweet that you could think of that you had as a child. They had penny sweets, all sorts of fruit and nuts covered in chocolate, marshmallows, and everything in-between.  It was floor to ceiling in sweets. It was like a dream. Both Stef and I were running around like little kids. Unfortunately, you weren’t allowed to take photos in there, but you can imagine what it would have been like. We walked out of there with a carrier bag of sweets. Stef’s included Tabasco flavoured dark chocolate and clotted cream bon-bons, and mine included chocolate raisins and a Push-Pop!