The next day was the highlight of Melbourne and one of the reasons Stef wanted to visit Australia (Erm, I don’t think so! – Stef). That’s right, it’s the TV show, Neighbours Tour. Everyone has watched the show at one point in his or her life. However, the last time either of us had watched it was probably about 17 years ago! Not knowing what on earth is currently going on in the show or any of the actors, we just had to go. How could we go to OZ and not go down the famous Ramsey Street! The tour included visiting the road, going to the TV studio and also meeting a star from the show.


The Neighbours covered minibus picked us up early in the morning and we made our way to the studios. There were about 16 of us, but all of them seemed like current fans of the show. One in particular seemed like she liked it a bit too much, correcting the tour guide or adding extra information that they might have missed out. I’m not saying she was sad but…well, she was sad.

Barry and Stef at the Welcome to Erinsborough sign on the Neighbours Tour

Once in the studio grounds, we walked around various sets including Grease Monkeys, Fitzgerald Motors and Dial-A-Kyle. They meant nothing to both of us but it was good to see. As we were waiting there, the actor who plays Paul Robinson drove past and the crowd, including Stef, went a bit star crazy.

We then met the star from the show, James Mason. He plays Chris Pappas. He seemed a nice chap and answered questions from the crowd and took photos with us.

James Mason AKA Chris Pappas from Neighbours

We then took a short drive to Ramsey Street. It’s an actual street where people live. Neighbours is filmed on the street and the residents are paid comfortably for it for the use of the exteriors of their properties. They have it good. All the cars parked there were brand new and looked expensive. Even if they are filming for the day and in the middle of a take, the residents just walk out of their houses when they want, without warning, the filming halts and resumes when they have gone. Due to weirdo’s previously streaking through gardens, naked, or knocking at the doors to see the actors who they think live there, they now have 24-hour security on patrol. Since the show started nearly 30 years ago, the house prices have increased ridiculously. We had our photos taken and left.

We returned back to town and had a healthy McDonalds for lunch.


The following day was our last day in Melbourne so we went back to the Charles Dickens pub for another lovely lunch and then decided to head to the beach at St Kilda. Although the weather was very unpredictable, it looked like it was going to be a hot day, so we thought, why not? It was an easy journey, just one tram all the way.


When we reached the pier, it wasn’t quite the beach we were expecting. It was nice enough, but more like Brighton, just with sand instead of stones. There was just one restaurant on the pier, but we took a wonder down there anyway and saw a few people fishing, including a man that looked uncannily like Luigi from the Mario Brothers!

Luigi from Mario Brothers fishing in St Kilda, Melbourne

We had a walk down the beach, where there were plenty of people sun bathing and paddling in the sea, but we resisted the urge to go jumping in there ourselves.


It was strange to think that just behind the beach was the city centre and it was just a short tram journey away. Imagine if the beach was that close to Central London…