After our long journey across the Nullarbor, we decided to stay for two nights in Ceduna and take it easy. We started the day with a nice lay in and then a walk across the town to the Oyster Bar. This was the only place of interest that was written about in our guidebook so we felt we had to make the trip there.

We thought the walk wouldn’t be long as the town was so small, but 20 minutes later we were still walking. We eventually arrived, sweating, and a lovely lady greeted us. The oysters were so cheap ($12 for 12) we decided to go for a dozen each. Within seconds we were presented with a big tray of them already shucked and ready to be swallowed down. It was Barry’s idea to get a dozen each, although I’m not sure why he suggested this as every time he has oysters he moans like hell about them and makes hideous gagging noises! This was particularly embarrassing as the shop was no bigger than a shoebox so no doubt the lovely lady could hear him!

Stef opening up an oyster

After finishing the oysters we went for a walk along the sea front. It was just across the road from the Oyster Bar – in fact, the oysters were caught right there! It wasn’t the type of beach you would sunbathe on – it was covered in shells, crab shells, old oyster shells and some of the largest, strangest shells I have ever seen on a beach – check out the pics!!

As we continued our walk we saw lots of interesting birds, which you would only see in a zoo or bird park at home. One of them was huge, I think it was a stork but it wasn’t carrying a human baby from his mouth so I can’t be too sure.

yellow faced bird in Australia

That night, after Barry went out to photograph another sunset over the jetty, he made me his speciality dinner – sausage roll filled with coleslaw and topped with a cheese slice. I was even treated to a few grapes on the side. Doesn’t he spoil me???