Today was our last day in Adelaide so we decided to take it easy and chill. The weather wasn’t that sunny so we decided to go out for a little adventure around Adelaide Botanical Gardens. However, before that, we had to track down and visit the local store of Coast London so Stef could have her photo taken outside. I’m quiet amazed at myself for not wanting to have my photo taken outside a police station or approach any officers for pictures. I had the opportunity to do so in Vietnam whilst filing a report for Stef’s robbery. However, the police there seemed the type to lock you up for a joke but then demand money to be released! I don’t know what the Ozzie police are like but I’m not going to tempt fate.

Stef standing outside Coast London in Adelaide, South Australia

The shopping centre where it was situated had free Wi-Fi and you could see men and children sitting on the sofas outside the shops with their phones and tablets while the women were shopping. Some had even gone so far as to bring laptops with chargers! It’s a good idea and think it should take off in the UK – it would soften the blow of having to be dragged to the shops. After taking a picture of Stef outside her company’s store, we headed on to the gardens.

Just before the Gardens was Adelaide Zoo. Now, both Stef and I have seen our fair share of animals in the previous months and we both decided that we were going to skip the zoo. Unless there was going to be a two-headed horse or a five-legged koala, then I just wasn’t interested. Most of the zoo animals have been roaming around our campervan parks anyway!

The Garden is free to enter and has plants and flowers from all over the world. There was greenery everywhere and made for pleasant photos.

Bicentennial Building, Adelaide Botanical Gardens, Adelaide, South Australia

We entered the simulated rain forest where it was a lot cooler than I thought it would be. It wasn’t really that misty and I didn’t see any gorillas. There were loads of spider webs but we only saw a few spiders – it made you wary of where you were putting your feet in case one of the hiding ones jumped on it.

I have no idea of what the plants were. Some of the pictures I took were too “abstracty” for Stef’s liking, as you can’t tell what the picture is of. I couldn’t tell you what they were even if the label was on it! Why do we still need Latin names for plants? Just call it something simple.

You never see a plant called John.

We headed outside to the main gardens where it was a little bit hotter. Just outside was a glass sculpture in a water feature. The local photography school must of had an outing, as there were loads of people with tripods and cameras trying to get “the” shot of the feature. It was hard to get a shot without one of their head’s or an arm in it. But I showed them how it should be done.

Flower in the Glass structure outside the Bicentennial Building, Adelaide Botanical Gardens, Adelaide, South Australia

We walked around for a few hours. I took photos whist Stef quenched her thirst for knowledge and read all the plaques, labels and signs available. She moans about sometimes having to wait around for me to take photos but sometimes she spends absolutely ages reading those things! But I’m not one to moan…

Here’s a fraction of the photos from the remainder of the day. Take time to appreciate the photo for what it is and not for what it’s of.