Next stop off was Port Lincoln. A sleepy little town just slightly south-east of Ceduna. We created a traadition today – to start the journey off with a McDonalds Coffee. Not only does it perk me up for the journeys, but also it gives us time to upload the blogs and check our emails on their free Wi-Fi (or in Stef’s case – check the Daily Mail app to find out the latest scoop on The Kardashians). The journey was pretty uneventful and was quite short at about 4 hours.

Port Lincoln Tourist Park, Port Lincoln, Australia

We made it to Port Lincoln Tourist Park and as it was not as expensive as we had thought it might have been, straight away after securing a plot, we headed to the McDonalds that we had scouted on the way there! I had some fancy Chicken Schnitzel burger (They seem to like that over here – you can’t go 100m without seeing a restaurant not selling them!). Stef had a Quarter Pounder, which she had craved since Malaysia (She had not let me forget that I had ordered a Big Mac by mistake – it was like the worst crime ever). Don’t think that we’ve turned into a couple of fatties with all the visits to fast food restaurants as we’ve been eating quite healthily. We’re saving the weight gain for the States!

We returned back to the camp and Stef did her chore of plugging in the electric whilst I go to the toilet – it seems to have become a routine. I have done the driving after all!

The park was right on the waterfront. It had a lovely jetty but the water and beach was not for the holidaymaker – more to fish from. Whilst I was wondering around taking a few pictures, I was greeted with about 20 rabbits. They were quite friendly and still and they weren’t quite giving me the shots I wanted. So, I screamed at them to scare them. It worked and they bolted. I got a photo of a pouncing rabbit but may have inadvertently become, to the locals, as the weird pomm who shouts at rabbits. Meh.

Whilst we were cooking our dinner on the BBQ, as usual, we were presented with the most amazing coloured sky!

The next morning, I wanted to get up to see the sunrise. Yeah right I was getting up that early! Before we left, we took a stroll along the seafront and saw more of the stork things from the last place. They were massive and one was even balancing on top of the telegraph pole! I feel sorry for the unlucky sod to walk underneath that when it drops it’s guts, it ain’t gonna be pretty!

On the way out of town, I saw a photography shop. I slammed on the brakes and ran in, leaving the engine running and Stef wondering what an earth was going on. I hadn’t managed to geek out for a while and I had started to feel the shakes (It may have just been the strong McD coffee though). I bought a couple of filters for my new GoPro. It fed my geek needs for the time being.

On the road again, we made it to the place I’d heard about and was so excited to visit. That’s right…the town of Iron Knob.

It was a small mining town but we only detoured to see the sign, as there were no giant statues of Iron Knobs in the town. I don’t think it has the same meaning over here. I checked and they didn’t have any amusing street names such as Bell End or Shaftsbury Road.

Horse head at Welcome To Iron Knob sign

After driving down more roads that went off into the distance, we made it to our next and final stop of the day in Port Augusta. We checked into Port Augusta Holiday Park for the night and headed off into the town.

I thought I’d put the two Ports into the one blog, as there isn’t much to really say about them.

This town had an Observatory with 360-degree views of the town and river. We found our way to it, however, due to the stairs being mesh, Stef couldn’t beat her fears and make it up. I did and took a few shots. With my camera. Not a rifle.


The second viewpoint of the town was off the bridge. We made our way there and walked over the bridge. We couldn’t help but notice the town weirdo just standing in the river, doing nothing but staring, with the water right up to his knees. God knows how long he was there for!

On the way back whilst we were walking down a path parallel with the river, Stef made me jump when she screamed and grabbed me. There, next to the path on the greenery, was the biggest Bearded Dragon I have ever seen. My brother had one as a pet and there one was, like it was normal. It was minding it’s own business until I shoved a camera in it’s face. It ran for it and scared the life out of me in the process. I haven’t heard of one killing a man before, but there’s always a first…

Bearded Dragon in Port Augusta, Australia