We woke up fresh and excited the following day to see what this new town had in store for us. Walking for a few minutes, you could see tourists everywhere. It made for some good sight seeing as we were the only Westerners in the last place we stayed!


They had a fresh fish and veg market which ran next to the river. It was as busy as you can imagine. Live fish everywhere and tourists taking photos (me included). Everywhere you walked, shopkeepers would try to get you into their shops as they have the “best” clothes/food/souvenirs in town. They’d all ask for your name and ask where you were from as you are trying to walk just to get you into conversation.

There were lots of temples and museums to see there, however, you had to pay to see them. We decided not to go into any. Not that we were being tight with the money – it was just that we’d seen more temples in 3 months then we’d seen in our whole lives and we’d had enough. I’m sure that they were really nice though as they always were. Hoi An is the old city of Vietnam so all the buildings themselves were really interesting to look at, without even having to go inside.

Chinese temple in Hoi An

There was a Chinese bridge, which was quite popular so we headed there. It was a covered wooden bridge decked out China style. It was like a mini China Town as there was a Chinese temple close by as well. It was full of tourists. Not many Westerners – mainly Asian. They loved it. You couldn’t look anywhere without seeing an Asian girl throwing up a peace sign whilst taking a selfie. There were so many shops but they all sold the same thing; paintings, souvenirs or clothes. The town is known for it’s tailors and if you showed them any dresses or suits from a magazine; they would have a replica for you the next day for a fraction of the price!

We walked around for a while and popped into a nice riverside bar for a drink and something to eat. I had my compulsory lemon drink and Stef had a coffee. We’ve become addicted to Lemon drinks. They are so nice and thirst quenching. We had a few more drinks as the setting was so nice.

Fed and watered, we headed back to the hotel for a rest.


That night, we headed to a lovely restaurant called Orivy. It was recommended by the hotel and was absolutely lovely. They had a massive Vietnamese menu to choose from. We sat outside and had one of the nicest meals we’d had in some time.