We decided to take a trip to a nearby floating village –Kompong Phluk. We asked our trusty tuk tuk driver who had lead us round the temples to take us. It was a fairly long journey – almost an hour and a half in total. We went through some remote villages, which was fascinating but made for a bumpy ride as many of the back roads in Cambodia haven’t been laid with tarmac and are just dusty dirt tracks. Along the way we stopped at a petrol station – just a stand with some glass bottles filled with petrol and poured straight into your vehicle – you’d never see that in England with all the regulations!

We arrived at the entrance to the floating village (I say entrance, but really it was just a hut where you needed to pay before you were driven down to where the boats were) we went to pay and were shocked when it was $25 – EACH. Barry nearly had a heart attack, I thought he was going to refuse and make our driver take us back to the hotel. He eventually stopped being a Scrooge and paid.

Little girl catching a ride on a push bike

Our tuk tuk driver took us down another dirt track, this time with a lot more potholes than the previous tracks and we arrived at another ticket stand. We handed over our ticket and where a man then led us to his boat. It was more like a barge really and it looked like the guy lived on it as he had his clothes hanging up inside! We settled in and realized it was just us that he would be taking to the village.

On the boat to the floating village

We slowly made our way along the river, when we eventually came across the first residence set up on stilts above the river – a police station! Good to know the river village with a population of 450 was looked after!

As we made our way down the river, through the village we saw hundreds of homes set high on bamboo stilts. We saw families out on their boats harvesting their fish from the nets, children playing by the river – dancing to Gangnam Style and sailing around in giant bowls!

A village kid dancing


As we reached the end, we got off the boat and were led onto another small rowing boat where we were taken through a mangrove river. Not a lot to see except hundreds of mangrove trees, but it was a very relaxing ride never the less (once we’d got our balance and learnt to trust the 15 year old girl rowing us through to not let us capsize!)

Overall a truly fascinating village and well worth the bumpy 3 hour round trip!

Our young river guide in the flooded forest